School withholding transcripts, diploma and threatening to not send application

  1. I started my 12 month LVN program in June of last, year. I officially graduated of June of this year. My school then informed us of a page in the catalog that requires mandatory NCLEX review. 6 weeks long. We were all very upset but they kept telling us we wouldnt get our things. We did our loan exit counseling and we our interest is already adding up. I have to start paying my loan in 5 months. They got paid. I have no outstanding debt. They are telling me if i do not finish attending the review, i will not get the "second part" of my application sent (Our actual school work? do they really send that? its packets we did each term) and I wont get my att. Its been 13 months now, and i have to start on other things i need to do. I have been without a job for a year and this school is an hour away from my house. I cant go there anymore. The school catalog says the review is supposed to be before the comprehensive exam, and if you dont go then you cant take the final comprehensive exam. I took the exam and passed. They didnt schedule nclex review until after the exam. now theyre saying we signed the contract and we have to follow it but they are not...does this seem fair to you? are they allowed to hold my transcripts or my 20 thousand dollar diploma and not send my application in even though i have loans due because i didnt complate the nclex review? They keep making things up too. what do you think about htis.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I think you need to consult an attorney.
  4. by   meandmine1984
    Yes consult an attorney asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    What state are you in? I am assuming this is a private school. Some BoN's have enacted regulations/stipulations/recommendations to prohibit schools of nursing from withholding transcripts, diplomas, and certificates of graduation pending results of commercial exit exams and review courses. You can also try contacting your board of nursing as they are there to protect the public...not only from less than stellar nurses but students from predatory schools.
  6. by   AheleneRN
    Oh my goodness. Please contact an attorney like yesterday!!!!!
  7. by   lovedijah
    I agree. Call an attorney!
  8. by   rayshettabrown
    I agree call an attorney..
  9. by   Trixyp
    Oh i really hope the bon has those rules! Im in california! Los angeles!
  10. by   xoemmylouox
    This is unfortunately one of those nightmares we hear about over and over again. Shoot I was one of those who were sold on the College Network. You may be stuck. Contact a lawyer. Best of luck to you. This is another lessoned learned.
  11. by   Still Standing
    I agree with the others, consult with a lawyer.
  12. by   Trixyp
    sorry! lol did not know I could reply directly to a post! ha
    anyway I am in Los Angeles, California
    I tried researching for this information but I could not find anything on it. If i call my board they should know right?
  13. by   elkpark
    I certanly agree that it can't hurt to consult an attorney, but I suspect that, if the school informs everyone of this policy in advance in writing (as it sounds like they do, since the school official you spoke with directed you to the page in the school handbook that discusses it), you voluntarily agreed to the school's policies and conditions by attending the program and paying them tuition and you're probably going to be stuck. Best wishes, though -- I hope there's a way around this for you.
  14. by   KimberlyRN89
    Our school did that to us as well (due to the PN scores falling a point below the minimum standard for 2011). Our dean informed us a couple of weeks before the semester ended. We were all so mad! But we just had to show proof that we registered for a class & the majority of us bought the NSCBN review for $50 (you get 3 weeks of access). I didn't feel that it was a way to punish us, but just ensure that we would be more prepared for the exam. So far, all of us have successfully passed (with the minimum amount of questions, I might add). I guess I'm in the minority, but I would just pay for a review class. I wouldn't let that be the thing that holds me back from getting my application processed by the school. Good luck with the outcome.