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I am cuurently working towards my goal of becoming a Nurse, and I work as a PCA now. I was having lunch with a few BSN and they were telling me how im[ortant it is to get the BSN cause the Nursing... Read More

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    hi,i just have a few words..monkey see,monkey do...lol.syke.joke.
    do you know the rate that people who go to school beyond high school in the united states?ok i bet you it's 1 in every 7-10..so as for what i think..what i have..is not what you have..a cna is much better than a high school graduate..and lpn is a step high than a cna..all i'm saying..all of us got to start from some wea...please don't listen to what people say..do what your heart feels and don't do what people say.
    that's the only way we'll make it.never ever listen to the choir...follow the conductor...feel my tist.

    good luck.
    the us has the highest college attendance rate in the world.
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    STUCK in long term care??? What a horrible thing to say. Im currently a CNA in a long term care facility... and im currently a LPN student (6 months to go woooo ) and when im done i am staying in my long term care facility... and when i go to the bridge program in jan.... and graduate as an RN i will STAY in my long term care facility. I LOVE LTC. its where my heart is, and forever will be. I do not think people should down others because of their likes. I did the hospital thing as an aide. I am forced to go there in clinicals. YES it is very interesting and informative but it is just not my style. WHO cares what others say, if you enjoy whatever you enjoy and you are happy... do whatever it is to achieve that... screw then RN BSN whatevers...hahaha
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    As a LPN ( currently in school to obtain the BSN) I've heard many similar comments. One young student even said "Well, you aren't a real nurse though are you?" I kind of laugh at that. The hospitals that don't want to hire LPN's often have a high turn over because they work the RN's that they do have to death. That type of system doesn't work well for nurses or patients.

    My mother is a LPN, and she actually taught many of the nurses ( who are now teaching me) how to be a nurse. She was excellent at her job and put the patients needs above everything else. That's what being a good nurse is really all about.
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    Quote from gigi30240
    As a LPN ( currently in school to obtain the BSN) I've heard many similar comments. One young student even said "Well, you aren't a real nurse though are you?" I kind of laugh at that.
    I just can't imagine why someone would think that. Of course the LVN/LPN is a real nurse. In many ways, getting the LPN/LVN certification is more difficult than attaining the ADN. Why? While the ADN has two, sometimes three, years to learn, the LPN/LVN has to cram the same material - of course on a more basic level - into 12 months.
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    i am a lpn student and yes some are looked upon but we are real nurses and we work sometimes even harder than they do i will be going for my RN dont get me wrong but when ima done wit school ima a nurse offically i may be the lowest nurse on the scale but we are nurses and respected as nurses i have worked in the long term health care field and most nurses are LPNs and they do a great job and work there tails off but love it and they get respect as nurses and the RNs sometimes go to the LPNs for advice dont think someone wit a year more training than you is any better than you its wrong. hope you feel better.
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    I will tell my story. I was at a very prominent technical university for my PA about a year and a half ago. I was within months of being able to sit my RN boards but I had to withdraw to due financial constraints. Still today people say to me "You are soooo smart! You're wasting your intellect being just an LPN. You could've gone so far... made such a difference." No one understands my situation and I am darn offended that people think I am wasting my intellect. I work one on one with a medically fragile child. He is quadriplegic, vent dependent, and I am his primary care nurse. I have had to resusciatate him on more than one occasion, catch the disease process early and recommend his admit to PICU (which ended in him actually going into asystole and requiring a pacemaker...) and the list goes on. I am hardly wasting my intellect and I am definitely making a difference. Will I get my RN? Absolutely. PA? Probably not.... I am going the NP route now. But guess what: I'm not in LTC, nor have I been full time in years. I make more than some RNs (nearly $30 an hour with benefits and 401k) and I have an easy and respectable job. LPNs have mobility, respectability, and the opportunity to continue their education if they so choose. Don't let others determine your destiny. Do you.