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lpn nursing student.

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  1. leqwedz

    what made you pass med-surg?

    i'm in the same sneaker as u,mine is a little tight.i ask'd the instructor what to do,she said the same thing..study,study and study.it's for months..two months med-surg one and two months med-surge two.good luck to u too.
  2. leqwedz

    information needed for Helen Feuer rview

    Hi,little advice..it's not the book.it's the content in the book you want.i would get me one book and take one online package..usually for 160 for 15 wks.like ATI..there are so many out there.pick your poison.just focus more on your weak aspects.I'm weak in med-surge and pharmacology.so i advocate more time on those one.good luck.
  3. leqwedz

    What area do you work in? Pro's & Cons?

    for me it's just a roller coster.i work at the airport and i'm an LPN student almost getting done.Graduating june 09.pro's i work part time so i get to go to school full time.cons,all my class mates are already in the nursing field.cna,home care e.t.c..so when they talk of what they go thru' i feel left out coz i can't contribute.but i hope to be a better LPN once i finish. good luck.
  4. leqwedz

    Approved but not Accredited?

    i don't think so,i'm in the east coast..and up here..you can apply for try-state.md,jn and pa.for a fee of 150 bucks. so check again.i have already done a research on that.i'm schooling in de and i want to work in pa..they have more job oppotunities than de.. that's just up here..i don't know about wea u @...
  5. leqwedz

    HELP Med-Surg 1

    i don't know your school,but i can relate to that.my school has a few teachers who tell you pass my call and i know i'm not wothy. what does that mean?the test we get is bsn type of questions..the highes got 50's..that they had to change the calibration.. something funny...the instructor is so shocked that the highest was in the 50's..she said she expected less.
  6. leqwedz

    Help!? Is $27,000 too much to LVN and RN school??

    let me put in my two cents thought.it's too much money my friend.i'm not one gd economic but as long as you don't want to owe half of your life..just do the lpn and then brigde to RN.and in 7 out of ten..the place you'll get lpn..they might have a student re-embracement.you hit two birds with one stone. let us know when you make up your mind.
  7. leqwedz

    difficulty in getting jobs for new RNs is that true ...

    don't b'live the hipe.you'll find a job.even if it means moving..you got to do wat u got to do..the critical part..the school is done. go out there and do you.
  8. leqwedz

    Night Shift

    sleep,sleep and sleep.you must get enough sleep s that you don't nod when u are not that busy.i have been doing night shift for 1 yr now.
  9. leqwedz

    Approved but not Accredited?

    i'm in the same hole.my school is 16 k.and it's a yr program.we have a 96 passing the first time.so good luck.go for it.