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Hi guys! I am taking the entrance exam for the LPN program at ES BOCES in 11 days. I have been studying a lot but I'm still really nervous about the math section. Can anyone give me some examples of... Read More

  1. by   manique
    I'm takin my teas test on the 30th and I'm nervous as hell!! I hope I pass. Im studying up on my math and science now. How are the scinece question? From reading this, pretty much know what too expect from the math. And thank u ladies for the helpful tips.
  2. by   santana_cater
    If you are taking the test at ES boces there are no science questions. Good luck!
  3. by   loveoverpride
    Hoping too, but I'm literally held up on one reference =( who is out of the country =( It stinks, because I have to get into the day program or else I wont be able to attend es.
  4. by   loveoverpride
    Hmm, maybe I should play the lotto tonight lol. I actually randomly got a message back from a person I used to dj with/for during the summer's years ago and he said that if I was still stuck and waiting that he would have no problem filling one out for me. So,yay! I'm meeting him in the am, and then I'm off to drop off my packet at the school (I don't want to have to wait even longer while it's in the mail.) Hopefully, there is still a day spot left =)
  5. by   loveoverpride
    Handed it in today, finally! lol I'm literally praying for the day program!
  6. by   loveoverpride
    How long does it usually take to hear back from esb?
  7. by   sr20alex
    Good luck loveoverpride!
  8. by   loveoverpride
    My parents told me that my packet from them just came in the mail today and it said I got accepted into the full time program (aka-the day program at esb lol) so I literally got what I was hoping for. Yay!!!
  9. by   loveoverpride
    Thanks =)
  10. by   mairyn90
    so I'm a little late lol but I'm taking my teas test on June 10....only thing is I haven't studied at all this was last minute decision...I was going to do it in April but because my math is soooooo horrible I chickened out and didn't do it but now i think I'm convinced that this is really where I want to be at in life I want to help people and I can not let fear of striking out keep me from playing the game...soooo yup I'm going in blind I'm terrified but I'm still doing it...and if I fail then ill try again...fingers crossed
  11. by   santana_cater
    Congrats loveoverpride! I guess I'll be seeing you at the workshop this month!
  12. by   loveoverpride
    Yes you will =) (hopefully I will have figured out how to pay for my textbooks and uniform by then.) Paying for the background check was unexpected too (not the background check itself but the charge for it. lol) If not you'll see me panhandling in the parking lot of the workshop. (JUST KIDDING, I swear lol)
  13. by   loveoverpride
    Good luck!- I just realized your test it tomorrow. Remember to eat a good breakfast and get a good nights sleep. Also, eat walnuts and "brain" food before your test, even if you don't like it. (I had a tuna sandwich at 8am before a test in the past, ugh, but it worked lol)