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I am tired of explaining this to people. I tried the RN but did not get lucky..... Read More

  1. by   pagandeva2000
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    thank you pagandeva. you are right. when i started this program, there were 30 of us and 400 people applied for the lpn program. now, almost half of my original class are gone. i guess i should be thankful for making it this far. thank you..., angel
    you're welcome. and, even those that moved up further have told me that the grass was greener on the other side until they got there.
  2. by   pagandeva2000
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    valued mods can you please transfer this post to the lvn/lpn forum because i want to hear more from my fellow lpns/lvns.

    thank you,
    you can repeat this thread on the lpn/lvn corner if you wish (only a suggestion, because i am not a moderator). also, you may gain a bit of insight from rns here, so, don't discount their input.

    i know that many rns feel that because the scope of practice is different, they see the lpn as a hinderance rather than a help. they may see a person that is a qualified nurse with the ability to perform many tasks that were taught in an lpn program, but may be limited because of the facility they work for. i can understand their frustration with us if it is based on that alone, but i do not let them berate me. i may not limited because of my own choice; i may be limited because i am not allowed to perform certain tasks. i have a legitimate license of my own to protect and stepping out of that scope will incurr more damage to my future than non-licensed personnel because i am supposed to know better. if an rn adopted the role of a physician, for example, may experience legal ramifications if discovered because she would be acting out of her scope...so, heck, the same for me as an lpn!!

    comprehending what the rn may be experiencing helped me to become a better team member by doing what i can do so that they feel freer to tend to the things i cannot do, and they have taken me seriously when i told them that there is a situation that i can't handle.

    it is also true that such a comment can be considered to be a compliment of your potential. my response to that, however, has been that i did what i felt that i can handle, and what they may see is leadership, they do not know my personality, idiosycracies or what aggrevates me the most. i know i made the best decision for myself, the patients and the profession.
  3. by   Southernurse
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    okay. today was my first day of med surg ii clinicals at the hospital. all my classmates (9 including me) and my instructor were on the elevator with these two ladies who i assumed work in that hospital. so we were on the elevator with our obvious uniforms and my instructor was orienting and she said "ok here on the 3rd floor is the or, and the 4th floor is the specialties, ...yara..yara...etc.. then one of the ladies whispered to the other person and said "are they nursing students?" and her friend said "no, they are lpn". my other classmate heard it too and we just looked at each other ablazed :angryfire......i guess we are not in school to be a nurse. i don't know what to say anymore. maybe i could say i am in a vocational school that teaches on how to look and pretend like a nurse....
    [font=book antiqua]:angryfire:angryfire:redlight: and if these people needed help they would ask you for a nurse.....you couldn't possibly know how to help. maybe it would help if lpn's were included in nurses week...(they are not included in my part of tn) can someone tell me what the "n" in lpn stands for??? that is one thing about nursing i don't like....no matter what level you are, there are people asking you why you aren't more. the interesting part is that if any of those doubters and those who look down needed anything because they were hurt or sick we would jump and give our best because that is who we are. :trout:
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    valued mods can you please transfer this post to the lvn/lpn forum because i want to hear more from my fellow lpns/lvns.

    thank you,
    since you are the original poster, we most certainly will do.
  5. by   kat7ap
    Surprisingly I don't recall anyone ever (to my face at least) asking why I was JUST an LPN. My whole family is proud of my accomplishments. However my husband does give me a hard time sometimes about not getting into RN school instead (mostly $$$ related).

    My mom is an RN, and has never once belittled me in my choice of becoming an LPN. She knows ultimately I want to become an RN and that becoming an LPN is a stepping stone. She works in NICU and I work in Mother-Baby, so we have a lot of similar things to talk about regarding our jobs.

    I recently left working at a hospital where I felt a serious negative attitude from the facility and some staff members towards LPNs. My new hospital treats LPNs as valuable staff nurses. I always introduce myself to my pts as their nurse. I have only been asked a couple times if I was an RN or LPN. I would gladly tell them LPN and then explain the differences if they ask. I have never had a pt mind because I don't think it makes any difference to them as long as they are being well cared for!
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  6. by   toplpn71
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    I am tired of explaining this to people. I tried the RN but did not get lucky..
    How about this one! Are you a real nurse(RN) or Just a LPN.
  7. by   jmking
    We will all possibly hear this from time to time. I hate hearing why didn't you become an RN. Some people are just close minded.
  8. by   DivaNurse2007
    :angryfire This also makes me frustrating.Just when you went through hell trying to graduate and taking the board exams( then finding your results), you have to hear this comment all the time.I am happy to be a LVN and feel I am just as capable as a RN as far as critical thinking goes. My folks and my co-workers( who are RN's) are always saying that you should go for your RN its where the bucks are!!! I just want to walk away some times.I am going back to school for my BSN,but can I at least enjoy working as a LVN without the additional needless comments.
  9. by   sgherzi4
    Thanks...pagandeva2000 for your inspiring testimony!!!! I am just like you....I chose NOT to go on for my RN...I am 52 and don't have the energy to do all that textwork; and clinicals and you KNOW the instructors will be extra hard on us "older" people...although I do not look my age at all! I am too busy with my work; my teenagers and MY LIFE! I know that going back to school for my RN would just add MAXIMUM stress to my already busy life with NO time for me or anyone or anything else. I have researched salaries in my area of California and find that I would not be making all that much more than I am anyway and for more responsibility???? NO THANKYOU! On top of all of this I would have to commute 50-60 miles one way just to work at a hospital with my RN; as our small local hospital only has 5 acute beds; and 19 SNF beds. Thanks so much for your encouraging words..we are all nurses and need to work together as such. The nursing shortage is real and in dire need of good, intelligent RNs and LPN/LVNs. :spin:
  10. by   frodo
    I am proud to be an LPN. I answer, yes i am a nurse, an Licensed Practical Nurse!
    I will be 54 soon, was out of nursing for a while, back in 5 years now, medical floor on a small hospital. The RN's come to me to start their IV's. Everyone is better at something than another, we help each other out inwhatever capacity we are able to.
    Be Proud of whatever title is behind your name, a lot of education and work went into it!
  11. by   CheyRN
    As an new RN (after being an LPN for more years than I want to admit) I sometimes wish I were still an LPN. You can punt off alot of the administative stuff to the RN and refer questions that you don't want to answer to the RN because "she's in charge". As for being "only an LPN" don't EVER feel bad for that choice. I had a run in with a "civil servant" a few years back when he responded to me that "only RN's are REAL nurses". I've since seen him working at the Pizza Hut, but that's another thread. The fact that you have chosen to care for those that cannot care for themselves makes you an angel in my book, and angels don't have different sized halos or wings. One size fits all.
  12. by   drmorton2b
    With EMTs its confusing. People call EMTs, EMTs, weather there basic or Paramedic.

    It will always be something.

    I get "Why don't you become a Pharmacist" from the Pharmacists.

    In my opinion the Why don't you become...?s mean your doing a good job unless it is said in a mean way.

    I can Imagine what MDs get, "Why don't you become a Surgeon?" or Bob, Pediatrics pays so low why don't you become a brain surgeon?

    In my opinions LPN/LVNs are Nurses, RNs are Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners are Nurses.

    When I become an LPN, I will make sure my name tag says LPN, and the it says ________, LPN on the board. I will call myself a Nurse to the general public, but will introduce myself as an LPN to the patients or how ever the law requires.
  13. by   mamunsey
    i feel the same way, that is all i ever hear from my family! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
    they are not in my shoes, i would love to go back and get my RN, but having a small child and a husband that works odd hours, it is hard to arrange child care. I always tell them that i will work on it when it is good for me, they don't lilke it, but they have to deal with it. Don't wory about what others say, do what is best for you !