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  1. by   Anne36
    cecilgirl, that is excellent! My family is paying $800 a month and its lousy. High deductibles, and % + copays = the ins company is making money off my family.
  2. by   Khobson86
    Any LPNs from New Jersey working in LTC can tell us what is their base pay?
  3. by   exit96
    Just got hired as LPN (RN in December) and the LTC facility is 1/2 mile from my house. Am happy to get hired for 19/hr. I am per diem, no benefits...sure beats the 2 CNA hospital jobs I have at 12.50/hr. Mid Michigan
  4. by   blessnme
    Quote from NursKris
    Work on Long Island...Peds acute care in a large hospital I am the only LPN left here. Been here almost 23 years...made a little over $65K last year with minimal OT. Cant wait until I am done with my RN...gonna be a big bump in salary

    I noticed you stated you are the only LPN left at a large hospital? What happen to the other LPN's?
  5. by   CrazyGoonRN
    I work PRN at a nursing home in Tennessee. I make 19.50/hr. No benefits. Night shift is 3/hr more and evening shift is 1.20/hr more. I am a new grad so this is really good money for me

    I worked 8 hours of overtime last week and made 30.45/hr for those hours!! I am still in shock, lol!
  6. by   ididit
    Quote from blessnme
    I noticed you stated you are the only LPN left at a large hospital? What happen to the other LPN's?
    Were other lpn's "grandfathered" in? Also, wondering where you are going for RN?
  7. by   mtistoi
    As a new LPN in a new job, Maine, I get $18.50/hr in assisted living/aging in place facility
  8. by   stressedRPN
    I am a RAI back up Coordinator at a LTC facility in Ontario, Canada making 23.30/hr with benefits. I'm amazed by some of these posts!! It's crazy how far our skills/ education has come since years and years ago but yet we still make a lot less then RN's...Our RPN program here in Ontario is actually the old RN Diploma program but with added skills that we are now aloud to do as RPN's.
  9. by   zeppzepp2009
    PRN HH $22 per visit, Florida.
  10. by   OgopogoLPN
    $25.50/hour plus benefits, pension and shift differentials
  11. by   punkrockgirlk6
    Assisted living 7-3 shift $20/hr pittsburgh pa
  12. by   blessnme
    New grad...school nurse... the pay not so good because we only 10 months/yr...17.00/hr, 8-5 salary get paid for the entire day even if I only work 2-3 hours...paid trainings/trips and food expenses...holidays and summers off...its a good job but most school nurses I know have to work an extra job (part-time) to earn more money. I am thankful and blessed to have a decent job so no complaining hereheartbeat
  13. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    Home hospice $20/hr w/ benefits. Does not include mileage, oncall, after hour visits. Bonus w/ yearly eval anywhere between 1k to 4k. I live in Louisiana.