Tired of Hearing the One Year Experience Required Line!!

  1. So like many of you on here I am a new graduate seeking that ever so hard to get 1st job!! But if I hear the You need one year of experience line again I just might lose my mind!! LOL I mean one guy from an agency even sympathized with me saying he feels bad because he knows how hard it is but told me that alot of home health agencies have to obtain nurses with one year minimum experience in order to comply with guidelines to run the agency. So state regulations are even making it Hard for new grads to get jobs. If everyone requires one year how do they expect new nurses to get that year? This is job hunt has been more stressful than nursing school.. I guess it goes without saying that its not what you know but who you know because unless you know someone in healthcare that can get you in or have some sort of connection its gonna be a lonnnnnnnnggg road to finding that 1st chance. My advice to all my fellow new grads is keep your heads up and never give up email call and even walk into places exhibiting confidence and you will get something!!!! Im not giving up till I land that job willing to take a chance on me!!

    Signed a Frustrated New Grad
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  3. by   cchezem15
    I know how you feel! Keep trying, something will come along
  4. by   nikkinicole_LPN3
    I am feeling the same way right now!!! I got my license a month ago and had 2 interviews and no responses! I feel like I am stalking these DON's to even call me back!! : (
  5. by   VioletKaliLPN
    Have you tried LTC facilities? Every home health agency in my area requires experience, no exceptions. I got my first job within 3 weeks of passing NCLEX, and it was LTC. I love my job, I am a baylor nurse so I work weekends but get FT benes and pay.

    Look into LTC.
  6. by   plumiegirl
    It is almost 20 years ago when I just passed my nclex and heard this from every facility and office. I went to a registry and they said they would train and hire me. So you might want to try a registry service for starts. I interviewed for a school nurse position at the same time (I had a BSN, PHN when I graduated but no experience - change of careers) and they said they were concerned about me not having any experience. I then said "someone hired you and a gave you a chance when you started and since there was a probationary period that they had the option to let me go if I do not fit their needs." Well they reluctantly took the chance and I have been here for 16 years. Don't give up, keep applying and do it in person when possible along with the online apps. Sometimes they need to see you. Network your nurse friends, teachers from school, this site. Hang in there someone needs you!!!
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  7. by   NursieNurseLPN
    I too am a new grad. Im so anxious to get that 1st nursing job! Im so desperate, I'm wondering if i should apply for CNA or PCT positions just to get a job. Nursing school doesnt prepare u for the job hunt. Not too mention, student loans will soon be due. Throughout the 2yrs of nursing school i told myself "this is the hardest part, get through school and u can do anything." Not so.. Unfortunately it is who u know. So Im networking everywhere i go. Everyone knows im a recent grad and im hoping this will lead to something. Please update this post if ur successful in finding a job! We need the encouragement! Good luck to all!!!
  8. by   halfpast
    I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, but I graduated 1 year ago, and was hired immediately on the floor I worked on as a PCA, a med/surg/onc floor. So now, I have 1 year experience. I am 32 hours at my job and looking to find a per diem job, or possibly move on to the ER (my dream job). I have ACLS, PALS, and even took TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) to prepare me for the ER. And for the life of me, I can't even snag an interview. I have applied to multiple positions, even just including per diem on another med/surg floor in a bigger hospital.... I think it's definitely worse for new grads, but it's tough to get hired out there in general right now. Good luck with the search and hang in there.
  9. by   merrywhiterose
    Many nurses work in Long-Term Care to get their year in. I'm working in one now. My experience there has included working with trachs, g-tubes, IV's, skin issues of many types, delegation, dealing with drs. & families, & experience w/all types of meds & labs. Most people don't think there would be any good experience in LTC but in reality there is a lot of experience to be had.
  10. by   tnmarie
    You know those places that everyone tells you not to go to unless you are desperate? To get that first year of experience, most people have to go to those places and work a year there. There are also usually places known for not requiring experience (though I'm sure that list is a lot shortner now). Just keep applying and trying, that's all you can do!
  11. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Most skilled facilities are looking for nurses with experience. I just hired 4 new grads and have to keep telling the others who call that I'm maxed out on new people. It takes us at least a month if not more to orient new grads, so it's not feasible for me to hire any more for at least several months.
    The patients we take care of in long term care are sicker than ever so we need experienced nurses....or at least new grads who know SOMETHING when they start.
  12. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from merrywhiterose
    Many nurses work in Long-Term Care to get their year in. I'm working in one now. My experience there has included working with trachs, g-tubes, IV's, skin issues of many types, delegation, dealing with drs. & families, & experience w/all types of meds & labs. Most people don't think there would be any good experience in LTC but in reality there is a lot of experience to be had.
    On the one hand one is happy to hear of new grads landing their first gig and therefore obtaining the experience most hospitals require, but looking from the otherside sooner or later those that run and or are responsible for staffing LTCs are going to get fed up with a revolving door of hires and start looking for more stable staff.

    Again am not hating or anything but don't be surprised in future if those whom own LTCs start crying to Congress or others they need to import nurses because of issues with hiring American new grads.
  13. by   RNJHUPHL
    I also agree. I graduated from nursing school in May and started my job search end of January starting my last semester because my classmates all were going crazy about the job hunt. I was one of those people who assumed that they were too paranoid besides we were going to graduate from a prestigious school so what's the worry, right? Wrong. I was promised a job on my unit as an intern and it turned out to be a horrible back and forth battle. My nurse manager needed a body more than a new nurse. I decided to complete my schedule and go back home 90 miles away to search for a job and study for the NCLEX-RN. I passed and still had no interviews after more than 50 applications and resumes sent. Depression starting to set in, I had to keep going. I finally get a call for an interview mid summer and it changed my whole summer. I was looking and preparing for this interviewer. After the interview, I was invited to a position on a the specialty I wanted (ICU). So, it only took 4 months after graduation and a very long job search process but talk to your fellow classmates, see if you can move to places that are hiring new grads, do what you have to in order to get that first year experience. It will get better, Good Luck!
  14. by   BrandonLPN
    This is why I feel nursing school should mandate experience in nursing as a requirement to enter the program. No one should be allowed to enter a LPN program without having worked for a year as a CNA. And make a year of LPN experience a mandatory requirement to enter any RN program. The cumulative knowledge would make the new grad at every level a better nurse and would eliminate having new grads with zero experience.