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Go ahead and introduce yourself to our little online community! I suppose I'll start. I completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in October 2005, passed NCLEX-PN in January 2006, and have... Read More

  1. by   gentlegiver
    Hi Everyone, I graduated in May of 2005 and passed my NCLEX in August of 2005. I work LTC and love it! Geriatrics is the best!
  2. by   kars74
    Hello everyone! My name is Kara I've been an LPN since May 2007. I love being a nurse I have good days and bad. I am currently working for sub-acute/rehab. I've learned alot. I am about to start TCN LPN-RN in May. I know I need to become an RN to have more options in my career. I want to actually do research (poss cancer or aids). May GOd Bless all your hands to care! Kara
  3. by   mthrof3
    I am a new LPN in southeastern WI, working for a specialty clinic, Oncology. After being a CNA for 13 years, I am liking this job very much. There are 8 years of acute care, and 5 years LTC as an aide. My goal is to be an RN and I have 6 classes to take before I earn an ADN. However, I am rethinking that approach and wondering if going for the BSN right away would be a better idea.
    I have three children, a girl and two boys. Last but certainly not least, my Christian faith plays the biggest part of my life.
  4. by   nursenightangel05
    hi everyone! i graduated from a cc in august 05, passed my nclex in oct 05, and landed my first job in feb 06, mainly b/c every place i applied to wanted experience! i was an stna for almost 3 years, and during my last 2 months of school i worked as a pharmacy tech. i work in ltc at the present time, but i am hoping to be able to try to find either a hospital or doctors office.. just for a change of pace/experiences/scenery. i do love my job, but it is such a small facility that when the census drops, it really hurts hours. i have always wanted a job in where i could help people, and i didnt have the grades or patience for medical school. i am a single mother of an almost 2 year old, so right now, even if i wanted, going back to school is not an option. my ultimate plan is to move to florida, and to fulfill a promise i made to my best friend a few months before he died, and that was to become a pa.... if it doesnt happen, i think he will understand!!! but, i do love what i am doing, i just wish that i had more time to spend with each of my residents.
  5. by   pquin28
    Hi I was just wondering how is the program going for you? I've been trying to get started with the modules but I'm kind of nervous about taking the test after each module
  6. by   skyuregyan
    hey everyone, i graduated in feb. 2008.. just took the lvn boards and waiting for my results!!!
  7. by   pquin28
    Quote from skyuregyan
    hey everyone, i graduated in feb. 2008.. just took the lvn boards and waiting for my results!!!
  8. by   ladyarawin
    Well I am in LPN school right now. Worked as Nurse aide for over 20 yrs. I have other medical training also. Just this body getting to old to do the lifting. Plus my life goal was RN so I just slow getting to it. Mother of 3 boys all grown and out on their own. Married 2 yrs now which is wonderful everyday is something different that for sure. Hometown is Salina Kansas but now live up in Nebraska.
    Besides cleaning the cobwebs out of this mind. I enjoy fishing,reading, listen to different kinds of music. Spending time with my dogs and just being in the sun.
  9. by   oldbutnewlpn
    I am 58 yaers old, was a cna for 2 years when I realized that my body wouldn't do that kind of work. Girls let's cheer for our CNAs because in LTC they do the heavy lifting !! Anyway, went to school, graduated in the top 10% of my class, work in LTC. Love it , Love it!! I am married, have 5 kids, the oldest is 38, the youngest 21. I did lots of things when I was old , LOL. I have no desire to go on for my RN, I love patient contact and it just looks to me like the more degrees you have , the more paperwork you do. Maybe that is a cop out, would do it if I planned to work for 10 more years, which I don't. :wink2:
  10. by   happynewLPN
    Hi everyone! My name is Lisa, and I took the NCLEX-PN boards in March, and I'll begin my first LPN job on 5/27 at a great LTCF here in MI.

    I'm so nervous!!
  11. by   asoonernurse
    Oakey-Dokey, Smokey.

    I began life as a skinny, pimply 18 year old NA (back before Cali decided that we all needed to be certified...I agreed!), then moved into being an EMT, then a Paramedic (loved that when it was exciting; problem was, that was only about 10% of the time).

    Now I'm a crotchety (still skinny, but no longer pimply) 45-year old who is about to make the transition into the nursing field, which I should have done 20 years ago! lol.

    I will be graduating from my LVN program in Sept/08 and sitting for the NCLEX shortly thereafter. I don't see any real problems there, and hope to move onto my RN as soon as possible, with my sights set on trauma work.

    Meanwhile, I will be getting my Wound Care Certification as soon as I pass the NCLEX-LPN. Love those wounds!

    Anyhoo, my school has seen fit to give us a whole week off (that's SEVEN a ROW!) You know what that means...


  12. by   NurseKristiGrif
    Hello my name is Kristi I graduated April 11th 2008 passed boards May 15th 2008 and I am now officially a new LVN/LPN . SOOO now my job search is on!!!!
  13. by   nikki0607b
    Hello all, I graduated in July of 07, took boards in Nov 07, passed in Dec. 07. I start my first job in a LTC on May 19,08. I was president of my class, graduated with 3.7 overall gpa, and I am a single mom with three boys. I plan on going back to school for my RN next year.