New LVN grad to-be, wondering about jobs and salary

  1. Hi!

    I will be graduating from an LVN program in August of this year! My fellow classmates and I have been speculating about how our job hunt will go. I personally am interested in dialysis nursing. I am posting this to ask for any and all information I can get from anyone! I live in Texas, around the Houston area. I am a nurse's aide, have been for the past 2 years, but some of my classmates have no patient care experience except for what we get in school. Does that matter? We are wondering about starting salaries? where the job market is hot? where new grads are hired? where is the best place to start? Any answers are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   tothepointeLVN
    Wow lot of questions but I'll try to answer a few since I remember that nervous time when your almost done and that pressure of having to find a job is creeping up on you.

    DO expect the licensing process to take longer than expected.

    I wouldn't advise applying to a job until you have that license # in hand but once you do get up every day with a list of facilities to hit. A file folder full of copies of your licence/cpr and resume. Hint Print a resume and xerox a copy of your credientals on the back. Apply to as many places as you can before lunch.

    Come home type in all the info into a little excel spread sheet rub your feet cross off your list and research for tomorrow. I did this and I found a job within 2-3 weeks of getting my license. This included days where I didn't apply anywhere because I had an interview that day.
  4. by   LPNweezy
    I got extremely lucky when i graduated. i live in FL, btw. I graduated in Feb, passed the Nclex in mid march, and got a job april 1st. (I applied as a graduate nurse, which is a temporary license here in FL) I make $18.50/hr PRN and when they shift me to full time (30 hours, 4 days a week, 3-11 shift) thats 17.50 an hour. hope i helped!
  5. by   shortscrubbs108
    I also started applying for jobs as a GPN like LPNweezy, I had a job before I graduated actually. I live in a smaller city in MO and had experience as a CNA/Unit Sec for the Hospital that owns the clinic I work at.
    I actually have two jobs, first work M-F 8-5 in a clinic and love it because of the hours, but it pays alot less ($11.74/hr) my second job is PRN private duty with peds. I like this job more b/c I just love peds and get to use my skills, but also have time to study and stuff, and it also pays more ($13.50/hr). But I need the benefits from the clinic and love my co-workers.
    Depending on the job situation in your area, you may need to take what you can get, but if you can be picky, choose a place that's going to fit your needs. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons, benefits, hours, pay...different things are important to people.
    I know this was vague, but hope it helps!
    Good Luck!
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    Shortscrubs. How is your salary in comparision to the cost of living where you are. $11-13 seems very low.
  7. by   texasjmn
    I am actually a Nurse's Aid/ Unit secretary on a med-surg unit also, do you think that experience will help my resume along?

    I appreciate all of your input! How soon is too soon to start applying for jobs? I will graduate in August!
  8. by   tothepointeLVN

    It can't hurt. I would be going down to your HR department first to see what they can do for you.

  9. by   texasjmn
    Well, I can't work at the hospital I currently am employed at. They do not hire LVNs. So I am officially out of a job in August
  10. by   Anne36
    I'll tell ya what, some of the salary I see posted in this forum make me angry.

    You can make $11 to $13 an hour working at wal-mart here in Michigan after a few years with little training and responsibility. I have a relative that works there making around $16 an hour and has no education at all, only the on the job training and has made a carreer out of walmart for the last 10 years.
  11. by   tothepointeLVN
    Well my friend posted on craigslist last night about a formulation chemist job. Masters degree required. Five years experience required. for $16/hr

    Education: The more we get of it the less it is valued.
  12. by   teecee
    it took me almost one month to find a job. I went for a couple interviews and they all wanted a nurse wt experience already. But i just got hired and they agreed to train me. start rate $23.50 which is awesome for a new grad!
  13. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from texasjmn
    I live in Texas, around the Houston area.
    The nursing job market in the Houston area has become rough for new grads over the past couple of years as a result of the economy. Since so many experienced nurses from around the U.S. have been relocating to Houston in recent years, healthcare facilities often hire them before the new grad because a brand new nurse is regarded as expensive to train and a high risk for quitting during the first year of employment. Both RNs and LVNs have been experiencing uphill battles with trying to find employment in Houston.
  14. by   texasjmn
    Well, I don't actually live in Houston, I live in a very small town between houston and beaumont. I will work in either. I am hoping that I will definitely make more than 11 an hour no matter where I work, as of right now as a nurse's aid my salary is around 10/hr. So my salary as an LVN will assumingly be higher. I hope.