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  1. i started an ltc job. It is so hard. I love the residents b ut it is too much patient to nurse ratio. I feel like why i made the decision to go into nursing. i love the job but the stress is taking away my health. I have lost 15 pounds over this job. I m not a fast paced person because i m a new grad. I m also going back for rn in september. Is all nursing jobs like the ltc. Is hospital jobs better than ltc. And i feel very upset the care that i m giving is too fast or not enough. I want to get an advice from expereinced nurses should i stay in this ltc or look for hospital lpn jobs.
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  3. by   Keep_Calm
    No--not all nursing jobs are like this. LTC is HARD. I have been at one now for about 6 months. I have been an LPN for 9 years, working in the hospital and then doctors offices, and this is by far the hardest and most stressful job. One thing I can say, at least on my floor, is that the stress fluctuates. Just when it seems unbearable, something changes or someone gets discharged and then it's better for a while and the cycle repeats. It may not be like that everywhere but as least that has been my experience. Don't throw in the towel on nursing altogether. You just need to find an area that you like. I am trying to get out of LTC because I know it's not for me.
  4. by   RJay25
    IMO it doesnt matter if you are a CNA , LPN or RN working in a LTC sucks in general. The work load is just too much.
  5. by   WldChrry
    I don't know about the hospital because I have only worked LTC and clinics, but yes, LTC is hard. It does get easier though. I remember my first job out of school at a LTC facility-I was exhausted and didn't feel like there was enough time in the shift to get everything done. Eventually you get a system down and it becomes alot easier. It is never easy, but it is doable. You should give it a little time-I don't know how long you've been at this job, but after at least 6 months if you still don't like it, then LTC probably isn't for you, or maybe it's the facility you're at?
  6. by   tbehlow
    I too am a new nurse.. I felt the same way about LTC , and I also felt as if I didn't give my residents , the care they deserved.. I quite within 4 months.. I would come home stressed , and worried all the time , that I missed something..
    I'm now working with 2 homecare agencies , and love it...I just grade an interview with a hospital , and during my interview , the manager said , that's the ratio for LPN is 1:6... Now I can handle that... Don't give up, you will find your nitch
  7. by   LTCNS
    I just wanted to chime in and say LTC does not "suck." Our geriatric population deserve nurses and CNAs who want to be there no matter how tough the going gets. It is a very demanding, often thankless job but when a little old lady or little old man give you a hug out of the blue and thank you for what you do, it's priceless.
    I have been in LTC for more than 20 years collectively and thought I wanted out, only to be unhappy when I did get out. Now I'm trying to find my way back. I have held the hands of the dying, cried with the lonely, consoled grieving family members and received thank you cards from family members for caring about mom or dad. That's what it's all about.

    OP, LTC is certainly not for everybody. If your heart isn't in it then you will never be happy. I pray you find an area where you can thrive and look forward to going to work everyday.
  8. by   gabulldogs
    I too work in LTC. Horrible conditions due to poor management. I have reach my limit and my voice is falling on deaf ears. My goal now is too go higher up the chain (gov. corp etc.) I am tired of seeing neglect to the residents. Always a new flagged chart when I go back in. I work night shift 7-7 (12hrs) and they have just recently cut back on CNAs we now only have 3/60. Call-ins (cna) are almost everyday and they make the nurses come in for those and they say the cut-back is do to less money. We get time/half when we take call ins. So that contradicts their reason. Plus we (LPN) are on call on all our off days. So down time is not happening. Yes we are all tired and grumpy. They just don't seem to care that they are causing all the negative feelings among the workers. I still love the res and they are still my #1 priority but gonna loose steam if I don't do something.
  9. by   brandy1017
    LTC should have mandated nurse to patient ratios and counting admin as nurses who don't provide hands on care shouldn't count. That is ridiculous! Also there should be mandated ratios for CNA's as well to provide the care needed and med aides don't count! Hands on caregivers should only count in the ratios! The poor patients pay so many thousands of dollars and many lose their homes and freedom and independence and they deserve better! There should be enough staff to provide good care! I wish I had the answer!

    I applaud all those of you that struggle to provide the care and comfort your patients need. May God Bless you and help you and may you be richly rewarded for your efforts!
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  10. by   snowybee
    thank you all. I will surely give a try at the same time I m lookinng for a new grad friendly place.
  11. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    120 min to pass meds to 23 pts = 5min.21 sec I call this impossible !! Even if I didnt hv a hand full of interruptions between phone calls, cna issues and pts who take forever to take one pill. It's very stressful!!
  12. by   dlynn34LPN
    Quote from nurseywifeymommy1
    120 min to pass meds to 23 pts = 5min.21 sec I call this impossible !! Even if I didnt hv a hand full of interruptions between phone calls, cna issues and pts who take forever to take one pill. It's very stressful!!
    Yea said so right...and don't forget if someone calls out ...dont get me wrong i love my LTC facility but somedays i want to throw in the towel but then i remember the people i help daily.
  13. by   tbehlow
    At LTCNS .. Your are absolutely correct, geriatric cars is something special. I loved each of my residents.. But you know as well as I do , there needs to be a much lower nurse - patient ratio to give good, effective and not to mention safe care. I didn't even have time to hold someone hand if they where having a bad day.or when I did take the time out to console, or educate a resident or family member, then I was behind with my other 28 residents. I personally didnt think Ithat was fair , when I know my other 28 residents needed a hug or hand to hold..
  14. by   andreasmom02
    I have tried LTC & clinic work. LTC is not for me! It is extremely stressful. I worked 4 shifts in LTC & quit. I then went in to dermatology clinic nursing & liked it MUCH better. I now know that I am a clinic type nurse. If I were you I would try some other less stressful areas of nursing. You need to find your niche... Maybe an OB/GYN clinic, dermatology, allergist office, etc. Don't give up on nursing until you try other areas. The one job opening that's always in the newspapers in the area I live in, is for LTC LPNs & CNAs. Most nursing homes can't keep LPNs or CNAs in this area. There's a reason for that! I'm sure it's that way in many parts of the country.