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Nursing student. wish to become a nurse in future

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  1. Hello, I am so glad that you are now an RN. What school did you wind up going to after you failed nursing school? I recently failed as well, and can not find a school that would accept me. 

  2. Pregnant new nurse started this job

    Hi, I am a new nurse who just found out that I m pregnant .I m currently on orientation will be finishing next month .I am really worried .Should I tell my manager .I work in a covid unit .I really like this job and every one tells that I am doing a ...
  3. New grad Rn should I go to medsurg

    Thank you for the advice. I will do as per you said. Go on with hospital for now.
  4. New grad Rn should I go to medsurg

    Hi I am a new grad RN with Ltc experience as lpn for 5 years .I was offered a job in corrections with an orientation of 8 to 9 weeks ;at the same time I got another offer in hospital as a medsurg nurse .The med surg orientation is only 6 weeks.I fe...
  5. Reading school of nursing pa

    Any graduates from this program .can you give feedback about the nursing program and all.
  6. RN to LPN

    No.They have stopped that since 2008 or something if I can remember newyork state used to do prior to this.You have to go to lpn school to sit for state boards.I would call in other state board to check out .Excelsior college also stopped taking cred...
  7. Hi . Did any one got any acceptance letters for reading school of nursing Philadelphia 2016?What is the teas score they are required .do they only look at based on teas or other factors . Please provide some information .
  8. Assisted living

    hello .I got a new lpn position in assisted living .The residents who live in assisted living floor has no id bands on them at all.You have to look at the Mar to give them meds .I feel very scared .I have been to nursjng homes where the residents has...
  9. failed nursing school again

    I know.I haven't tried. One has to apply in right school to get in nursing program.
  10. failed nursing school again

    Ok .I'm.
  11. failed nursing school again

    Yup.I'm not losing hope and I'm not planning to quit nursing school . I was so close towards the finish line especially last class. Thanks for the encouraging words. If I had given up in prior failures,I wouldn't be here. I have to change the way I ...
  12. failed nursing school again

    Absolutely right. That is why I returned to school. It is not 1:35 at my place 1:40 and 1:48.
  13. failed nursing school again

  14. failed nursing school again

    Nope .I cant appeal .
  15. failed nursing school again

    Yes. I can't go backbecause medsurg kicked my butt 2times.People in this forum are bashing my language ,nclex and how did I came this far to program. I have overcome because I tried my level best in program ,and put my best effort eventhough it we...