LPNs/LVNs: What's Your Specialty? - page 4

What's your specialty? In other words, in which field are you currently working? I'm currently doing LTC (long-term care) at a nursing home and have a PRN job as a medication nurse at a psychiatric... Read More

  1. by   NARCAN
    can you tell me what exactly you do or have done in the time you have worked in the ER? That is my #1 floor i want to work on as a LPN or RN... and then cardiac!!! it would help alot if you can tell me what are you able to or allowed to do in that floor so i can get an idea of what to expect as a LPN!!! thanks so much!!
  2. by   mississippi_lpn
    i work in home health and a personal care home and i love it, i've worked in a urology clinic and an obgyn clinic, worked for an allergist , ear, nose, and throat and i liked it. I work for a ltc facility prn and thats not my cup of tea, i'm glad we have nurses who love it though. : )
  3. by   SouthernPeach3
    LTAC here (Long Term Acute Care).... I like it, 12 hour shift.. 3 days a week, its good, better than long term care or nursing homes. my patient ratio is 5 patient per nurse.
    BLCS and ACLS certified.
  4. by   ask23
    I worked a few years in med/surg and now I'm in oncology and I love it.
  5. by   DanisTeeta
    I do Mobile Care. Like a traveling dr's office. Its cool, not a TON of skills-using but I use my knowledge alot. the pay is great and they are also going to train me to do home health visits as soon as I am licensed.
  6. by   DanisTeeta
    What do u do in surg-prep? It sounds very interesting!
  7. by   Godswill
    MY specaialty is TLC. But i have decided to give that up and start a new next month on a Post OP floor in a hospital
  8. by   BBsAngel
    I work as a medication nurse on a med surg unit.
  9. by   CMLPNnowRN
    Pre-Op & PACU in an ASC (full-time) and Hospice (PRN - my true calling...) hoping to get my CHLPN soon!:spin:
  10. by   Comanche_1
    I work in the Intensive Care Unit and am part of the Hospital's code team.
  11. by   NARCAN
    how can i find a side job like that? where to begin? how much $ it pays? any special requirements?
  12. by   Laught3r
    i float back and forth from pediatrics, postpartum ob and med/surg (small hospital)
  13. by   neennernurse
    I worked on telemetry floor for 3 yrs, then got not bored, but didnt feel like i was growing professionally, applied to the job i have now, been loving my career. I feel rejuvenated, and always learning something new everyday!!!!