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    Good places to work/pay, etc in Florida

    hi, congrats! i live in florida you should check these websites for jobs in florida and $, might help some. careerbuilder.com just put location-pensacola and job type-lpn also check out indeed.com, simplyhired.com hope this helps a bit!
  2. :uhoh3:Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! specially with everything going on! i really need your input!!! i am a Lpn from florida and i have been looking for a job for 2 weeks now. during these 2 weeks i applied for to 2 different staffing agencies. now i had applied to these agencies because so far either there were no jobs, or if there were any the hours did not coordinated with my kids schedules (at least morning time) so i felt that staffing agency was more flexible. now 2 weeks i had no call from the agencies. i called almost every other day to check for work and to make sure they didnt forget about me. but it so happens that tomorrow i have an interview with a hospital near my home. dont know $, or exact duties yet...now as i just got off the phone with the hospital (interview) one of the staffing agency called me and left me a message for a Lpn position. dont know where, $, or duties. ....... i am very interested in the hospital job, but dont know yet what im in for....and i dont want to call the agency and say to them i cant take the job .... what im trying to say is i really want to keep the agency in my good side just incase the hospital job doesnt work! how can i post pone the agency job without jepardizing it? at least not to have the agency on my bad side just incase i need them? any recommendations????

    Hospitals and pay around Miami

    I also agree with that!!! Way too much stress, work load, legal problems, hours and very little pay!!

    Hospitals and pay around Miami

    Memorial regional hospital in hollywood, pembroke pines, miramar, memorial west etc.!!!:w00t:

    MA's being used as "nurses"

    Lol!!!! That Was Too Funny!!!

    New RN grad pay in South florida??

    if you go to memorial regional hospital (broward county)they start at $24/hr!!!! and so does jackson memorial regional hospital (miami-dade county)!!!! YESSS THEY DO PAY $24/HR SPECIALLY MEMORIAL REGI0NAL HOSPITAL IN HOLLYWOOD, FL WITH SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL OF $2-3 FOR WEEKENDS AND $3-5 FOR NIGHTS!!! you need to make an interview appointment with them, plus their benefits are really awesome!

    Info on Cleveland Clinic Weston

    all i can say is that just for a lpn they start them off at $11.96... so imagine what they might offer a Rn?! last i heard it was $21/hr much rather go to memorial for great benefits and start at $24/hr

    New RN grad pay in South florida??

    Hello, out here in south miami (boward and dade county) Rn's start at $23/hr. of course depending which hospitals. good hospitals to work for in dade county (for what i have heard ) baptist hospital, andjackson memorial hospital. in broward county memorial regional hospital or any of its branches (memorial south, memorial pembroke, memorial miramar etc.) great benefits!! hope this helps a bit!

    Job duties: RN vs CNA, LPN

    hello, the Rn does everything..but she could delegate to lpn and cna these jobs, lpn can do standard procedures (which also includes bathing, vitals, feeding,but are mainly med. adm, pt. teaching, iv's, chartingmostly like a Rn but with certain restrictions, etc) and a cna are only allowed to do routing procedures like bathing, vitals, feeding, room maintanance etc.
  10. NARCAN

    Job Duties?

    Hello everyone? i need to know what are the exact duties of a lpn supervisor? and salary?
  11. NARCAN

    Job Duties?

    Hello everyone, i need to know what exactly does or are the duties of a supervisor lpn? and salary?
  12. NARCAN

    What Is Going On?????

    I have applied to hospitals, ltc/home health, rehab centers, VA hospitals, doctors office....so far at this point i will take anything to build experience under the LPN tittle...i have experience in medical field since 1997 as M.A but not as LPN obviosy! so still trying!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. NARCAN

    What Is Going On?????

    hello everyone! i am writing because i am very concern and upset. i just got my license in november this year...obviosly i have no nursing experience except for the clinicals done at school/hospital. i have applied to many jobs, over 13 in total; even if it requires 1 year experience i still applied...but each one of them rejects me because i have no experiece as an lpn. what is going on??? how am i or anyone supposed to get a job or any experience if they wont even hire you/give you a chance even if they pay a little less....i do not know how else to promote myself to employers. i have gone personally, faxed, called etc....any sugestions, advises from any of you nurses and staff members???!!! its just fustrating because i want to work but no one wants to hire because no experience!!! :crash_com :angryfire
  14. NARCAN

    i passed nclex-pn

    congratulations!!!!! :balloons::hatparty::yelclap::smiley_aa
  15. NARCAN

    per diem lpn jobs!

    hello everyone, have a few questions about job positions. i was wondering if as a new grad (just got lpn license) is it recomended to work in a hospital as perdiem lpn? or would it be better to get a steady (shift) job at the beginning?