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Hello I am not an lpn but am thinking about becoming one and i have researched salaries. I have seen salaries as low as $12 an hour and as high as $18 an hour. What is the average starting... Read More

  1. by   katherine100
    Quote from prado
    i m new grad lvn...just got treatment nurse job at subacute nursing home.
    i m getting 31 $ per hour....in cali4nia.

    by the way i failed my 1st interview, and they offered me 25 $.

    good 4 you. how many patients will they give you? i bet its like 30. what part of ca are you in?
  2. by   84ashley
    I just got hired at a nursing and rehab center making 24$ for my first nursing job!!! Im so excited!!
  3. by   RaeMae
    Congrats! That is so awesome!!! Is it in the city or burbs?
  4. by   urickb
    In northern MI especially, Traverse City the pay is horrible! I have lived here on and off my whole life and it has always been that way. The hospital here has a monopoly and so the pay is bad. You are required to get your BSN but only get one dollar an hour more for the degree. Starting wage is 14.85 for LPN and only 19.00 for RN. It is hardly worth all the work I have put in trying to make more of a life for myself and my daughter. On the plus side though, it does not really pay any less to be a community health nurse. That is what I wanted to do anyway. I was just worried that I would be losing out on a lot of money if I did. Now I can do what I want and not feel like I am robbing my family.
  5. by   Anne36
    urickb, that just sucks. Its not at all like the standard of living is much cheaper up there. My stepsister lives in the UP. She makes about $18 an hour working as an LPN. I would really love to move up there one day, but the pay is terrible. One thing tho, if you get all the way up in her area, the housing is much cheaper. Everything else is about the same , and gas is always high there. I would say that if you could sell your home down here and buy one outright in the UP at least you could get rid of your house payments. That could be one way to make it work.
  6. by   urickb
    Thanks for your reply. One thing that may help in Traverse City is that Spectrum is buying out Munson and I have heard they pay a bit better. It most certainly is not cheaper to live here as property is so high priced due to tourism. My silver lining is that I can be a CMH nurse and not feel like I am depriving my family. I went into nursing to hoping to serve the mentally ill. I think that, since the pay is not much different I will not have to weigh rather or not it will cost my family money for me to do what I want. That is a good thing.
  7. by   Brookenicole84
    Here in Lebanon, PA as a new LPN my base rate is 16.50. I'll be second shift so I'll get the extra dollar differential.
  8. by   sweetcakes59
    First LPN job started at @ $20/hour w/great benes
  9. by   backtoschoolinSJ
    That's great!
  10. by   Brookenicole84
  11. by   rolisont
    Sumterville Florida
    Nursing and Rehab Facility
    Start 18.50 plus .50 and 1.00 shift diff

    Home Health
  12. by   CrazyGoonRN
    Does anyone have any recent LPN pay information for the Nashville, TN area? I will graduate in December and hope to get a job next year! Thanks
  13. by   blessnme
    MS payrate is from $16-$25 per hour!!!