LPN Employment Poll - page 2

Where do you work? Hospital, Long term care, clinic, home health, doctors office, etc.... Read More

  1. by   Charge205
    Geriatrics- Half floor LTC other half REHAB
  2. by   lil' girl
    ltc and it is great!!
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Hospital--Operating Room
  4. by   mississippi_lpn
    Home Health Et Assisted Living Personal Care Home And I Love It!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Keepstanding
    School Nurse.........really the best !
  6. by   Elektra6
    Home health care (shift work)
  7. by   crazy4Him
  8. by   jmking
    geri pysch facility, boarding house
  9. by   lilysnana
    Doctor's office, large Primary Care group
  10. by   oncology01
    Quote from crazy4Him
    I was just wondering how you got into Hospice. I worked in Oncology for 4 yrs and loved it but would like to work Hospice. I am in Northern cali. congrats 2 u
  11. by   erniebobernie
    LTC and missing acute care.
  12. by   OkieMom3D
    Pediatric LTC
  13. by   LPN0207
    hopsital, just switched over from LTC.