Keep my License Active or Let it Expire?

  1. So I was going to go back to school & bridge to become an RN, but after a wake up call last night (realizing my crappy job history as an LVN will follow me) I'm reconsidering & not gonna go back to school.

    I also have a bunch of other reasons. But that's a big one. Why waste time & money if I can't get a job? Money is already tight enough as it is.

    So since I'm not working & don't plan to go back to school, should I bother keeping my license active?
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  3. by   sourapril
    If you are going to work as a nurse, yes you need your license active. If you want to work in other fields, then you don't need the nursing license. If you regret later or decide to go back to nursing for whatever reason, you would need to pass the board again.
  4. by   OrganizedChaos
    Quote from sourapril
    If you are going to work as a nurse, yes you need your license active. If you want to work in other fields, then you don't need the nursing license. If you regret later or decide to go back to nursing for whatever reason, you would need to pass the board again.
    I don't see me working or going back to school. But at this point if I did it would be for something else. I'm really thinking about letting my license go inactive.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Put it in inactive status.
  6. by   Butt3rfly
    Just remember how bad you wanted to become a nurse from the very first day...think about it! My advice don't ever let it expire regardless of how you feel. Feelings change and You may feel like this now and later in the future you may want to do nursing again.
  7. by   jadelpn
    I would at least call the BON and find out if you let your license go inactive, what is entailed in activating it again. If it is a refresher, or some other part of LPN schooling again, I am not sure I would inactivate it.

    You never know. There may come a time where you will need it for a job. And although you may not have had a great experience as an LPN, there are lots of other avenues. Case management, home health, summer camp nursing in a summer, flu clinic nursing in the fall and winter--lots of things you could do part time/seasonally that could help you if money is tight.

    And you may not want to do a bridge program--I hear you, and it is not in my best interest or my family's best interest for me at this point in my life either. But I found that I was able to get my EMT, and that is also a part time gig. May work for you if you can't find a nursing job, or want to take a break from nursing for awhile.

    Here's the thing--the type of nursing that you have experience in can burn one out really quickly. The energy that needs to be used to keep all of the manipulation at bay and work around it is exhausting. There are other things you can do. And it may not be today, tomorrow or next week--but there may come a time. Heck, even a per diem position may get you a little extra money.

    Best wishes to you!
  8. by   OrganizedChaos
    I thought about it & due to the nature of my husband's job it would be best to keep my license active. I would hate for something to happen to him then have to jump through a million hoops to try to get my license back.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    I would keep the LVN licensure active if I were you. You will never know if you will need it in the future.

    If the hubby is laid off, your license will enable you to keep things afloat and prevent rough times.
  10. by   RNsRWe
    I intend to be BURIED with my active registration, active license.

    No way I'd ever let it expire; you can always put it into 'inactive' status and reactivate later.
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    I just renewed my license in December even though I am not working as a nurse, nor will I in the forseeable future (I am trying to get disability due to medical problems). Who knows, I may want to revive the parish nurse program at my church or do other volunteer work. No reason not to renew.....I like to keep my options open.
  12. by   andreasmom02
    I would keep it active if I were in your shoes. As others have said, never know when you'll need it! Plus, nursing school was hard. We all worked hard for those diplomas, degrees & licenses. I'm an LPN, but am working on a medical coding certificate (I loathe hands on nursing, and am leaving it). I do plan to keep my LPN license valid though. I'm a mom of two, & you just never know what can happen in life. It's a comfort knowing I can fall back on it if needed...
  13. by   DaisyDee
    You may find that it is helpful even in another career to have the LPN license. I worked for a couple of years in medical device sales and support. I did not provide any cares or perform any skilled functions that required me to have an LPN, but the job description specifically required an LPN license.
  14. by   akulahawkRN
    Keeping your LVN license active gives you options down the road, even if you don't currently intend to ever work in that capacity again. I'm a Paramedic and an RN. I recently gained that RN license. I did some ride time with a local EMS agency as part of my orientation and just having that Paramedic license gave me instant "street cred" with the crew because they knew that I know how "their" world works. In short, they didn't disregard whatever I said. Right now, I don't intend to get back into EMS in the near future, but I've kept my license active since the day I got it and should I go back to doing EMS, it's a whole lot easier to renew that license than it would be to take that license to an inactive status and later reactivate it. It also means that I have a whole lot easier time of regaining my local accreditation as a Paramedic by maintaining that license continuously active.

    In short, I suspect that you made a very wise (long-term) move by keeping your LVN license active.