Insulted by my boss!! Need advice

  1. Hi everyone just want to vent a bit, today was the WORST day I have had in a long time. I work in a hospital in NYC on a med/surg unit. There are 2 RN's 1 LPN(me) and 2 CNA's for 16 patients, not a bad ratio at all, but today my boss had the nerve to say it was ok 2 give me my more than my usual 8 patients because I don't really do anything right in front of me:angryfire !!!! I was at a loss for words, came home after my shift and burst to tears! I don't know how to approach her without either crying or yelling at her. Definitly not the first time I have been made to feel unworthy because I am not an RN, I do almost everything the RN's do, the only 2 things i do not there is hang blood and do initial assessments. Other than that I am running around from the minute i'm in door to the minute I leave. just feel so bummed out well sorry to rant on for so long just wanted to get it out, thanks for listening
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  3. by   muffie
    talk to her next shift
    why does she think that
    tell her how it made you feel
    that was nasty of her imho
  4. by   KellieNurse06
    Oh brother! Please!!! You do nothing????? well I know 2 LPN's who work harder & know more than any RN I have ever seen.........and are better critical thinkers also....
    Next time at work if she is there.....everytime you need help or even just for shi*s & her out to "help" with doing the dirtier stuff.......and if she asks you for something like lab results, I&O's, or stuff like that just point out where the chart is or whatever but don't go out of your way to get it for her......
    I always go by the way people treat others.....Don't let her push your buttons......maybe she knows just how to get you......kill her with kindness too........
  5. by   Kelly_the_Great
    Sorry, Joy...:icon_hug:
  6. by   lvnforlife
    KNOCK HER TEETH OUT...j/k...just talk to her..and tell her how u feel..that's what nursing is all about.
  7. by   linzz
    What a lot of bull*#** to put up with. I know how it feels though. I firmly maintain that it is very unprofessional for one to bully another and that in the end, patient care suffers because it makes it very hard for the bullied nurse to perform well due to feeling constantly under attack. Hope this gets better for you.
  8. by   daynurseforvets
    Sorry you had to hear something like that from someone who is suppose to be more educated and professional than yourself. In your heart and mind you know you do more than any RN you work with. We all do. It's a power thing. I respect the ones that deserve it and you will too. You can try to talk with her. It may or may not help. She's the one with the problem not you. If she or any other nurse tries to degrade you, just turn your head, smile, and tell yourself, "I am a good nurse" and gone on. It'll hurt them more than you................Good Luck......Keep Smiling!
  9. by   PralineLPN
    Yeah, you should have said something right then and there. Otherwise, she'll keep doing it. You won't get in trouble for sticking up for yourself, trust me. I used to be kind of passive, but finally I had enough. When they tried giving me more pts to deal with, I calmly, albeit shakily, said "Absoultly not", blew holes, nicely, in her theory, and stood my ground. It was difficult, then she grumbled for an hour, and that one never bothered me again. Now it's easier for me to say someting if I'm being truly wronged. Do not get angry and start yelling and swearing at people, it undercuts your rights, and gives them the moral high ground. Also, don't go behind their back, it dosen't work.
  10. by   vonxojn
    I often wait til the event is over before I reslize...hey I should have said something. I would too have to pull her to the side and ask her what she meant by that comment and why would u say such a thing. I get so tired of people thinking just because I'm not an RN, I have rocks as brains.
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    if you talk to her do so as quiet and aas private as possible

    ask her if she realizes how much you done to contribute to the running of the floor...this will not change her heart but she will know that you are disgusted with her attitude