how long does one stay

  1. how long does one stay at their very frst nursing job?
    I have been at my one and only job since july......tho i do love it and the people i work with and i LOVE my residents to death,but i need a change......the morale at this place is getting lower and lower.....heres why....
    i work in a mentally retarded home type for 12 residents who are very medically onw walks,all g-j tube,trachs....etc....i love it....i knew it the first time i toured the place....anyway.....they hired 5 new LPNS from our graduating class.....which is kind of cool going to school with them,then working with them....there is this one gal,who lacks a work ethic.....the seasoned nurses see this,they have complained to the supers with nothing done......i have worked with this girl some,she sits and watches movies,maybe puts one person to bed,or gets one up,then sits some more....there are only nurses who work at our house and we do it ALL......she does nothng to help with laudry,she is in the kitchen eating 2-3 times for an hour at a the seasoned nurses are neglecting their work as well.....til something gets done.,which i dont see happening...i really dont like walking into work anymore cause i never know what i will walk seasoned nurse called in one night just cause this gal was on......i was on and she did NOTHING! anyway.....i only work 20 hrs a week,well....i nver just work 20 as they are always looking for coverage,so i go in when i when my kids are at school and i dont need to be home.....i applied for another is a school nurse is for preshoolers with disabilities.....i would work in a center plus do some home follows the school schedule...summers off.....the pay is almost 3 dollars less.....this is a mon-fr job,30 hrs a week....weekends off,i work 3 weekends now....those are my hrs infact...8-4 sat and sun,and mon 6-10.......i am not sure if i will even get this job as they really want an RN,but i do not see an RN wanting this job with the low pay.....i also have a degree in early childhood which may help me too......not sure what i want to i said...i do like what i do is hard rewarding work.....but one person makes it stink.......for new nurses are on probation for yr...ya think they would see the not so good workers and get rid of them before the union can fight for them.....makes sense to me......

    so should i stick it out,or if offered this job take it.....i do have an interview......any suggestions on interveiwing would be helpful too.....i havent worked in 20 yrs.....i am so new to this....since it is with preschooler i should probably know the normals vitals for kids eh? and CPR for kids too......well... know i know them..they are in to the back of my brain...i just need to move them forward.....

    thanks for listening
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I only stayed at my very first nursing job for a whopping 6 weeks. That particular workplace and I were not a good fit.

    However, be aware that the grass might not always be greener at another job. I wish you the best of luck in this transition.
  4. by   kat7ap
    My first nursing job was 5 months. I did have to quit because I was moving out of state (so that was a pretty good excuse!). In actuality I was so ready to leave that job even if I was not moving! I think TheCommuter knows of the facility that I am speaking of... In school I had a instructor tell us to try to stay at a job at least 6 months, otherwise it looks like you are "job hopping".
  5. by   mume2mykidz
    This is why I do pool,my first job started last month and it trully is not for me,it is too crazy there and I kinda feel like it is not organized well,put it this way all the nurses seem to be leaving from burn out...I feel like I am too new to bburn out all ready so I decided to do pool and then work a 2nd job every other weekend which is more organized,I think if it's not a fit get out...but in these times who knows what we are suppose to do.
  6. by   luvmy2angels
    I lasted at my first nursing job 3 weeks. It was on an acute care floor in a big hospital and nurses were HORRIFIC!! They not only treated me like crap, but showed nothing but disprespect for the patients and thier families. I spoke my mind during my exit interview and the director of the unit called me a liar right to my face. So i got up and left. I now work in home health and LOVE it! If you are unhappy someplace LEAVE. It may take awhile to find your niche, but it is worth the search!!!
  7. by   momtojosh
    thanks for the repies......... oh idont know what to do.....i love my residents....i love what i do....i am always busy.....but when i see other people sitting and doing bothers me....sure we all have a funky days that we feel tired or grumpy or whatever....but not everyday you work....i go to work to work and to do the best i make my guys life a bit more pleasant.....i am tired of being mandated,i am tired of the endless phone calls to come in cause someone called in(i dont answer my phone,gotta love caller ID),i am tired of going to work and watching this one yoiung gal sit on her butt....but after all this "i am tired"....i still love being there with my residents....i sure will miss them if and when i do leave.....
    i guess i have alot of soul searching to do....
    thanks again!
  8. by   caliotter3
    A person can stay at their first job for their entire career if they are satisfied and the job remains viable for that length of time. Other times, people don't last their first shift before resigning. It is entirely up to you. However, you should seriously consider the job market in your area. Of course, you can, and probably should change every so often. But don't paint yourself into a corner when it comes to number of prospective employers. Even though you leave on good terms, there is no guarantee that any particular employer will take you back should you need to come back and can't get on elsewhere. So always keep in mind how many employers are in your area and where you stand in the employment "pool".
  9. by   pmtlvn
    If you feel its time to leave, it it. Good luck!
  10. by   StrikerRN
    I was talking to one of my step brothers, he would want to transfer where his other siblings live, but where the economy is going, he told me that he would rather stay where he is working right now, because he retains seniority, unlike if he transfer he would be the first one to be laid off since he will be new to that hospital. Regardless of his experience.
  11. by   momtojosh
    well...i had the interview...i went well.....even if they do offer it,i will not is a farther drive for me......and the pay is 3.50 less,plus you pay 15% of your health ins....i have great benefits now and only work PT....i would be making less and working i dont think it would be a good move....i am going to write them today to let them know to withdrawl my name....
    if anything comes out if it is the experience in the interview setting...which i havent done in over 20 yrs.....

    thanks for all the replies.....guess the grass isnt always greener eh......
  12. by   sasha2lady
    Im still at my first actual nursing job...( as an lpn)..been there as a nurse x 3 yrs...cna x6 including a small time as a houskeeper...been there since i was im 26...ive thought about leaving many times...but til my baby is in school....Im really not in any position to go yet....Id like to work somewhere on a 12 hr shift 7p-7a when he starts school.....longer shift but less days to work in a week and it seems quicker to get your time in that way. son just turned 2 so Ive got 3 more years to figure out my next move.