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  1. StrikerRN

    Conditions in hospitals getting worse

    So with this nurse to patient ratio issues, where do we report this, who do we go to? I don't have that much exp as an RN but I can see that it is unsafe to have a ratio of 1:8 or 1:9 patients. I experience this and I don't agree with it.
  2. StrikerRN

    Good review material for NCLEX-PN?

    Well yes, I can take PN as well, but I have to submit all the requirements to them, so new live scan again, my transcripts. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. StrikerRN

    Suzanne, thank you...

    Thanks for the tip SD, I was reading and sometimes I do not even understand what I am reading anymore. Thank You
  4. StrikerRN

    Good review material for NCLEX-PN?

    hello hello, well i have taken nclex-rn and still haven't pass, and i think i am going to consider taking lvn instead, i have wasted a lot of time already. what is a good review material to prepare for it, majority of the questions on lvn covers which topic? my friend told me before that it mostly consist of pharmacological questions? would the review course i took for nclex-rn be enough to pass nclex-pn? thanks!!!
  5. StrikerRN

    LPN Starting Salary

    I think it varies with states and hospitals, my aunt works in a small hospital and makes 18/hour that was before but now she makes 24-26/hour and she's been there for 15 years.
  6. StrikerRN

    Leaving meds at bedside in LTC

    I believe that legally you are not suppose to leave the meds out there, I may be wrong any corrections would be nice.
  7. StrikerRN

    Is this an acceptable practice???

    Just try to prioritize your patients.
  8. StrikerRN

    What *other* jobs are LVN's qualified for?

    Have you tried career builder? You just have to wait and you just have to compose your resume in the most appealing way. On the resume I had I indicated that I am was a RN Intern, had 6 months experience on telemetry, doing patient care, updating MAR Sheet, analyzing the EKG's of the patient and comparing it to what they had when they were admitted, I admit patients, do their care plans, and so on and so forth. I keep getting e-mails, and getting calls, but I reminded them of what is my current conditions are, but yeah, they will call, and contact you.
  9. StrikerRN

    How could i not know what i want?

    How about planning of starting your own business while you have some other ways of acquiring income to support your new business?! Just my 2 cents
  10. StrikerRN

    how long does one stay

    I was talking to one of my step brothers, he would want to transfer where his other siblings live, but where the economy is going, he told me that he would rather stay where he is working right now, because he retains seniority, unlike if he transfer he would be the first one to be laid off since he will be new to that hospital. Regardless of his experience.
  11. StrikerRN

    Does LPN need malpractice insurance?

    I am not an LVN nor an RN yet here in the US, but I am using a company that can represent me in court, not just by means of license but on everyday life events, of course that is as long as I didn't do anything wrong. A lot of people that are innocent but needs a lawyer and can't provide one do plea guilty because they can't afford one, you might say that there are free lawyers, but that's if you qualify, and since you are a LVN you don't qualify for a free lawyer because of your income. If you need more info I can send it to you, you can contact me via gandanito@gmail.com.
  12. StrikerRN

    failed nclex twice..losing all my confidence

    I actually heard from a guy back at my old work that Arnold the Gov gave a free review, ahhhhh, and I missed that as well, they've conducted 2007. You passed right, do you mind helping me out on what you did with Saunder's? It's actually crazy, my aunt told me to just keep answering questions, and that I did, I answer 75 questions a day then read the rationale, then I moved to 100 questions a day, and on my final 2 weeks I answer 200+ questions a day and then read their rationales, and it took me 6-8 hours a day for my last 2 weeks before the exam date.
  13. StrikerRN

    Suzanne, thank you...

    yes i am an rn from another country, i actually am aware of the financial help to help me take nclex again, but what i wanted is a good plan to taking it. i have taken it the 4th time and none of the strategies that i applied worked. first it says on kaplan is not to over analyze, all that you needed is in front of you,but when i took it, it's something different. -- like a patient with an open tibia fracture, it did not say in there that the pt. is bleeding, so should i assume the pt is bleeding? --or the one that had been in a car accident, and then the pt is heaving headache and nausea, should i assume that the pt have an increase icp? so really that confuses me., i tried many strategies, and it didn't work. was hoping to get suzanne's plan but is not available anymore, and no one would want to share it because one of the moderator said that it's suzanne's intellectual rights, and i totally respect that. even if i don't have it, i believe that it is some kind of a legacy that she left, great legacy that really did help a bunch of people pass their nclex. i was just hoping that there are other rns out there that also have a good heart that would also do what suzanne did for the community here in allnurses but most especially for the family of the new rn she have helped, she just help someone to change their lives. so if there would be someone out there that have a good heart, willing to help out, have a plan similar to or better than suzanne's plan and would like to share it please send me a message. oh i can't afford review classes online so yeah if it's like that of suzanne that you need the saunder's and then from there giving out tips and some tutorials. if need be you can contact me
  14. StrikerRN

    failed nclex twice..losing all my confidence

    Hi trauma, when you said Suzanne's plan is not available but there are other great resources, can you provide one or two that you believe would work? Thanks
  15. StrikerRN

    No respect for LVN's/LPN's

    Well with regards to your Supervisor, legally LVNs are only suppose to handle specific kind of tasks and specific kind of patients, even if you are fully equip and knowledgeable, your scope is limited as compared to RNs. It would have been a lot better if she have rephrased. With regards to respect, it is not what your statute is to life but how you want be looked at by people, I am an RN, and where I have worked they don't even have graduated college, they talk to me like they know everything, but once I get started they shut up. They know I am an RN from a foreign country, and they know I know more than them, they come to me with respect, even the owner respects me. My brother did not graduated from college but the way he carry himself makes people respect him, his not arrogant but when he talks he talks with authority, like he knows that much. I worked in a hospital before as an R.N. Intern, the patients respect even if I come and tell them that I am an intern, maybe it's just the way you present yourself to them. What I do is go to the patient's room, I greet them and tell them I will be your nurse for today, I am a nurse intern and I will be working with this nurse. When they tell me so you're an Intern, I boldly answer them yes I am, and go ask them did you slept well last night? Do you have any pain? I do that not just to divert their attention but also in a way show them that I am there for them, that I mean business and that I know what I am doing. Oh yeah right now I am neither an RN or an LVN/LPN here in US.
  16. StrikerRN

    Suzanne, thank you...

    I have taken the NCLEX-RN for the 4th time, I studied 6 months and did Q&A everyday except Sunday. My heart was broken, it was too much of a big deal for me for the reasons that I got laid off from my job because of where the economy is going. Passing NCLEX would really be a life saver, I'll have a better job Now I am jobless, unemployed, and a possibility of being homeless After the one hope that I thought would help me out to keep having a place to live in, I failed, I was disappointed, I don't want to be depress, I can't be, but I cried . I didn't knew what to do, I hit myself, I wanted to die but I said no , it was really hard for me, and so I searched for answers. Then I was typing something and came across allnurses, and actually what caught my attention was Suzanne's Plan, I don't know why, but it kept popping up. I checked it and Suzanne's Plan gave me another hope, I have that positive attitude that with her guidance I will pass my NCLEX-RN for the 5th and FINAL time. But it says I need Saunder's book 4th edition, so I said to myself ok I need to find someone to help me get that book, then I have ti follow the tip and have 15 posts so Suzanne would help me out. I was full of hope, but just today while trying to get my 15 post, I saw a topic and some posts that Suzanne's Plan is no longer available . No words could explain what I feel, it really is a mix of emotions. But like I said, Suzanne , hands down on you, you helped many people, and I understand that you are doing it voluntarily, and thank you that for a time being I was given a hope. still jobless & unemployed soon I might be homeless(just renting) I remember that movie the pursuit of happiness, it's hard to live like that, sleeping in the public restroom. I want to keep hoping, I wanted to take another shot at the NCLEX-RN exam, I know someone out there (not here)would help me with the fees for taking the examination, I really need someone to help me out to prepare like what Suzanne did to some of the folks here. So your help would really be appreciated very much. Thank You in advance.