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Good review material for NCLEX-PN?


hello hello, well i have taken nclex-rn and still haven't pass, and i think i am going to consider taking lvn instead, i have wasted a lot of time already.

what is a good review material to prepare for it, majority of the questions on lvn covers which topic? my friend told me before that it mostly consist of pharmacological questions?

would the review course i took for nclex-rn be enough to pass nclex-pn?


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Silverdragon102, BSN

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PN is different than RN so you need to buy a review book that is aimed at PN. Personally I would just concentrate on RN. Also will the state let you sit PN? may have to submit everything again to them

Well yes, I can take PN as well, but I have to submit all the requirements to them, so new live scan again, my transcripts.

Thanks for the heads up.

I think that is a great idea :yeah::yeah:do LPN now then keep trying for the RN

Saunders Comprehensive Review for PN, 3d edition. Wouldn't recommmend switching to PN exam unless you have failed RN test several times. The PN exam is different and is not easier, as has been reported by people who have taken both. Good luck to you on passing whichever you go with next.

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