Ever feel under appreciated???

  1. Hi everyone. I was wondering if any other LPN's are ever under the impression from RN's that we are not as worthy or knowledgeable as they are?? Maybe it's just me. However, this really bothers me. Because I have seen some RN's that I wouldn't let near me with a band-aid.This is not to say that all RN's are bad...I have know some really wonderful RN's.No offense intended toward anyone.
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  3. by   augigi
    I think everyone feels underappreciated by other members of the healthcare team at times! If you know you're doing a good job, keep your chin up and don't let em get to you.
  4. by   christymwinn

    I do have to agree. I have felt under appreciated when I was a CNA, as an LPN, and as an RN. I do know your point about LPN's especially though, b/c people (unfortunately, mostly RN's) treated you like less than a nurse. In my experience some of the best nurses I have ever worked with were LPN's, and I am not saying that just b/c I was one.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I have felt appreciated at nursing homes because the vast majority of the nursing staff consists of other LPNs.

    I have felt underappreciated and marginalized at the psychiatric hospital where I work PRN. My signature there was worth nothing and always had to be cosigned by an RN. I was not permitted to do assessments or chart on patients, even though I had the most verbal and physical contact with them. I was not allowed to participate in the admissions or discharges of patients. The only thing I was permitted to do was administer medications. In addition, the LPN's shifts were cancelled before everyone else's if the census dropped.
  6. by   geniann
    Yes, yes and Yes. I think I felt most unappreciated when I worked in the hospital. There are always the great RN's, but the horrible ones sure stick out in my mind- thank goodness there were only a couple. Since we are unable to give pushes, I had to ask the RN's to- one in particular made such a big deal out of it. She would sigh and make comments like "LPN's should be eliminated all together!" How rude! She was the type who would come out of a patients room and find a cna to empty a urinal!! Again, I must say that the majority of RN's were great- But for those who are not- Please remember that we are NOT beneath you- we are BESIDE you and some of us know MORE than you whether we can legally do it or not.
  7. by   nursesaideBen
    I'm still in LPN school but I have been a CNA for over a year and worked in LTC and skilled care for most of that time and I felt very underappreciated by the nurses, administrators, and even the patients at times. There were a couple times I had to remind one of the LPNs that I was a nurse's aide not a nurse's slave. A couple months ago I quit working in nursing homes all together and now work at a hospital on the medical care unit, and it's completely different! I am very respected by all my co workers most of which are nurses and from what I've seen the LPNs there are very respected by their RN comrades.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    I have felt underappreciated, but at the same time, this goes throughout nursing. I made the decision long ago that I did not want to become an RN, because I clearly do not want their responsibility, nor am I really interested in experiencing their schooling. Nursing is a cat fight career, no matter how high you go, it seems, so, now, it really doesn't get to me. If an RN does not accept my assistance, then, believe me, I let them have the whole bag. I get to go home with less stress, and that is it. If I have a great RN, then, I will help her with all that I have, but if she isn't, then, let her take on the headaches.
  9. by   Lovin' my job!
    I've been and LPN for almost 4 years now and have learned that everyone with a title after their name is person with their own views and opinions and that you can't damand respect you earn it. I too have experienced the whole "your just an LPN I don't have to 'listen' to you" when I was delegating. I always try to go over and above whats expected of me and help everyone from the housekeeper to the NA, RN, anyone who needs my help. And there are some that appriciate me and my efforts and others that resent me for what ever reason. Oh well. I don't take it to heart. I do my job to the best of my ablility and go home knowing I did a good job. That's what counts for me
  10. by   pagandeva2000
    It is true...I have had RNs tell me the wrong thing to do, and because they are RNs, they feel that their word is gold. What the LPN has to remember is that we have a license as well, and that can mean that we can equally be in trouble if we don't follow correct protocol. What I am finding is that nursing can be a great disappointment if we think that they will take us under their wings and assist...even some of the administrators are grimy...