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Alot of the issue lately being brought up in the senate concerns RNs do you feel the Lpn/Lvn is being left out in the issues presented?... Read More

  1. by   nur20
    SKM-NURSIEPOOH, please don't apologize, you have come to the right place to vent, we are here to listen and help where we can. I was just trying to say don't let it bother you when others belittle your position, look down on you or say mean things. We are bigger than that.Keep posting and keep venting
  2. by   Brownms46

    YOU have NO need to apologzie for anything at all! My comments were NOT directed at you by any stretch of the imagnation!

    I also wondered WHY this thread was stilll open. You have made an excellent point . I posted to this because I was a little awe struck that this topic was still going after such a long time. I just wish that whom ever started the thread would end it. Believe me...I took NO offense at anything you posted.
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    Dear Brownms46 & Nur20,
    Thanks!!! :roll
  4. by   tigger2sassy
    To all LPNs:

    Have been reading this thread, am not surprised by the responses-- have been an LPN for about 18 years and have worked in different states so it has been a variety of experiences
    most of the LPNs have become stagnant over the years, there are ways that we can do something about that stagnation.
    I recently made a definite decision not to go for my RN after struggling with this for so long-- have decided to be the best little LPN that i can be-- I further my education on my own through books (my husband has a hard time keeping me out of Barnes and Noble) and a lot over the internet-- spend a lot of sleepless nights on the internet because I am not going to remain stagnated-- education is the best way of getting the job done-- some day i will hope to leave a legacy to other nurses with the research and skills that I have learned throughout my career as a nurse-- stand up and be counted-- there is nobody else that can do the job the way we can -- compassion, persistence, and a whole lotta love for your patients can do wonders-- recently joined the NFLPN on the national level-- I will have a voice because i have the determination to care about the nursing profession-- I challenge any LPN to unite and make your voice heard-- get the extra education it will come in handy-- above all, be true to yourself. Take the world as it is, not as it ought to be
  5. by   night owl
    You're only as professional as you feel. Walk with your head held high because you ARE a major part of the nursing profession, and please don't think anything less. You are a nurse, your license tells you that. You worked hard for it, you earned it and you have the right to be called a nurse. You deserve the respect that goes along with the title, "Nurse." You are NOT just an LPN, you ARE an LPN. You are NOT the best little LPN you can be, you ARE the BEST LPN you can be. A PBN, a professional bedside nurse. You have been educated to function at the bedside of the ill, the injured and the infirmed. Be Proud of that. Don't use belittleing (sp?) words as "little"LPN, or "just" an LPN. We'll NEVER get the respect. Some nurses here have to respect themselves more than what they are saying. Change your thinking process right here and now! And if you come across anyone who refers to you as ANYTHING less, PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE and let them know that! Tell them, "Excuse me, but I am a nurse, and I do deserve the respect that comes with the title. I save butts, I take care of some butts, I've even smoked some butts (and I don't mean the kind you inhale), but by no means do I kiss butt!"
    I once had someone say to me that, "You're just a glorified aid, a professional bedpan slinger." My reply? "Oh you mean a Licensed Practical Nurse. Yes, as a nurse that's one of the tasks that I do well for people who cannot sling their own bedpans. I am proud to do it, and I do it to the best of my ability. I also do a miriad of other things incase you haven't noticed!"...Be Proud of who you are...
  6. by   Russ Dowling
    Nur20, I was just being impish. I'm
  7. by   Russ Dowling
    Just joshing, Nur20, I was being impish. I'm VERY proud to be part of the LPN "sisterhood"! I was very lucky when I was working on the floors. I only very rarely experienced the "only an LPN" attitude. Oddly, most of them came from people I worked with, and they were people who I got along with very well!
    One was a case manager who I really liked working with; she expressed surprise when she found out that I and one of my co-workers were LPNs. When I asked her why she was surprised, she said, "Because you carry yourselves like RNs." Of course, we IMMEDIATELY asked her what THAT meant. The look on her face was priceless. After much back-pedaling, she apologized, and realized she had unconcious assumptions about LPNs. It didn't change our working relationship, and I still respected her, but it was an opportunity for us to educate her.
    People are asking why this thread is still open. In my opinion, it's because the problem still exists. LPNs come in here, perhaps for the first time, and see a place where they are respected, where their opinions have value, and where they can vent. I don't think we should discourage them. No one will support us until we support each other, and I appreciate the mutual support that I see in here. Now, if only we could translate that support into political action!
  8. by   JMP
    Some of you should go back and read the first three or four postings. The original posting dealt with "are LPN's being left out". My response was YESS. I can only speak for MY AREA.
    The hospital I work at DOES NOT employ LPN's. THe change happened about 8-9 years ago. The hospital let all the LPN's go. There is one place in the whole hospital that still employs them- long term care.

    In another community close to me, the same thing is happening. The LPN's are leaving and are not being replaced. So as angry as it makes some of you, in my world it is reality. I stayed in home health and felt bored. I did not want to work in long term care. So, I became an RN.

    Now I have choices, I feel rewarded by my decision. It was my choice. I had to deal with the situation IN MY WORLD.

    That is all.
  9. by   nur20
    Hi Russ, now that is a face i would love to have seen. As an earlier post stated, you are as professional as you feel or carry yourself.Brian and i discussed whether this thread should be closed and came to the conclusion that it should not, although i do wish it would stay closer to the original topic
  10. by   Brownms46
    Congrats JMP for making the choice that was right for YOU! But "YOUR" reality doesn't make it EVERYONE'S reality!

    MY response was NOT to those who felt the need to make transitions to better their options. It was not to those who expressed their opinion that.... "they" felt that ....yes LPNs were being left out of the nursing profession. It was to the etermal bickering that have just got old for me, between LPNs and RNs and vice versa.

    I have and continue to work in many acute hospital settings, which aren't LTC or rehab. WHY? Because I don't fit well in those settings, even though I continue to admire those who do.

    I and MANY like me haven't had to, or wish to take the path you and many other wonderful nurses have. I HAVE decided to pursue a degree ...but NOT as an RN. Why? I see no reason to return to school for a degree I M H O, that will allow me to continue to do what I already do, for only a few dollars more than I make now. How much do I make? $28-@30/hr. wkd/we. I feel that many RNs are overburden by the responsiblities they are given daily. "I" have NO desire to join their ranks, even though there are many wonderful RNs out there I admire, and that I'm glad they decided to continue their education to afford everyone their knowledge and expertise. Yes ..."I" would gain the freedom to have more options open to me...but at the moment...options aren't a problem for "ME" because "I" and many like me, have the freedom to go where the options are.

    I'm praying I will be able to gain my degree before "MY" options run out...which "I" don't feel they will as I have been at this for 22yrs. Starting in NICU, continuing to ICU (which is still open to me in many areas), and a great variety of other acute care settings. But ...."IF" they do. I will then have make the right choices for "ME". Yes I have seen postions of LPNs deleted and seen them brought back to hospitals that thought they could do without them. In 22yrs I have seen MANY changes for RN AND LPNS ...some good ...but mosty bad. Nor does it mean LPNs are being pushed out nursing because they're no longer valuable assets in many areas. Change happens, and we must all do what is "BEST" for ourselves no matter what our title is.

    So if "YOUR" reality has changed...and "YOU" did what "YOU" thought best for "YOU"...that is as you said .." is "YOUR WORLD", and I commend you for your hard work and decision to do what was necessary for "YOU".

    But pease don't try to make it mine or anyone else's reality who aren't for the moment faced with living in "YOUR WORLD".

    Also...I'm NOT angry about anything...just tired of and the continued re-hashing of a subject that has been beat to death and into infinity!

    Thank you for your response and peace out!
  11. by   GreytNurse
    Russ Dowling.......please share with us all your titles.......certifications........after your name.

    Thanks!! Greyt

    How did you obtain them???
  12. by   Russ Dowling
    Ok, GreytNurse, you asked for it!

    CCS=Certified Coding Specialist; This is a medical/procedural coding cert awarded by the American Health Information Mgt Assoc.

    CPC=Certified Professional Coder; This is a medical/procedural/supply coding certification awarded by the American Academy of Professional Coders, primarily focusing on physician documentation and billing requirements.

    CPC-H=Certified Professional Coder-Hospital; This is a medical/procedural/supply coding certification also awarded by the American Academy of Professional Coders, primarily focusing on hospital side billing and documentation requirements.

    I graduated as an LPN in '92. I had been working in medical records up until that time, and so was familiar with ICD-9 codes. I went to school 8hrs a day, and worked in med recs 8hrs an evening! Talk about a rough year! By 11/98, as a result of a broken back in 79, I could no longer handle the lifting and turning of patients 8 or 12hrs every day. A compliance auditor position was available in my health care system, and getting one coding certification was a requirement , as was being a nurse. I applied, got hired, got my certification, and was on my way! Of course, I'm a greedy person, and used my tuition reimbursement to get another coding certification. In 03/01, I received a call from MCP-Hahnemann University asking me to interview for a compliance analyst position; I wasn't really looking to change positions, because I had worked for the other healthcare system for almost 16 years. But I went to the interview, and received a call the next morning offering me 13k more a year than I was making! I accepted, and here I am.
    I still work as an LPN in a PRN pool. I will never get away from patient care for good; I like it too much!
    There is a severe shortage of certified coders in healthcare, and there are many opportunities for LPNs in the field. Compliance is a really hot topic right now.

    Now, aren't you sorry you asked? LOL

  13. by   GreytNurse
    Wow Russ........great for you!!! Congrats

    No, I'm not sorry I asked. We learn by asking, right??? I'm in the process of 'adding a few extra initials' behind my name too. Trying to finish my RN, but's more 'crap' than I care to deal with. Won't make me a better nurse, as most of this is stuff I already learned in LPN school....or should I say.....educated in LPN school
    I've been IV Cert. for a number of years. Adding Pharm. Cert as well as LTC. Do you know of any on-line courses or have the information of where we can obtain more????? Like the Coding?? Alot of places here (St.Louis area) are asking for that additional knowledge...would be great to have as much as I can get.

    Will they ever 'phase out' the LPN????? Are they nutts???? They don't have enough RN's to cover all the necessary spots.....what would happen to LTC if there were none of us 'Angels in white scrubs'??????
    Thanks for the information Russ......keep up the good work!!