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The ANA is discriminating against LPNs and LVNs. American Nurses Association. No mention there abour REGISTERED? nope . To me that means ALL nurses. They should be forced to allow our membership or... Read More

  1. by   missyd1991
    I feel so sad reading some of these posts, it shouldn't be a contest of who has more education. It should be about the people we take care, the more we are united to better for our patients and better for our field. I'm a LPN and I'm very proud of that. I think if you are happy with were you are then that is all that matters. I know everyone is entilted to their own opinoin but being out and out rude is another. We all have to support one another or we will all fail. I hope that we all can come to an understanding and make our field stronger.
  2. by   Sparrowhawk
    I have criticial thinking..thank you very much.
  3. by   irish6363
    to "RNCOUNTRY" no one could have said it better !!! it is too bad that they are promoting this elite way of thinking ...
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  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i'm a BSN and a RN is a RN we both take the same boards .. yes a LPN is a nurse and should be allowed in ANA .. i am not a member of the ANA because i think it's a waste of money .. i have been a nurse for 25 years and did belong about 8 to 10 years ago and then thought my girls needed to go to Emma Willard School so i decided to put the money toward that... All this is nonsense about having to be a BSN and that ADN's are not as good as BSN's is just not true.. all RN's take the same boards we are both the same .. LPN's are nurses and need to be let in the ANA if they want to join... i say buy a pizza instead.. but who am I right?
  5. by   ohmeowzer RN
    soo let's sum this up... buy a pizza forget the ANA... Pizza tastes better and dosen't leave a slimy after taste as does the ANA.. and LPN's RN's ADN's and BSN's can all enjoy pizza... gotta run pizza is here !!
  6. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    This thread is almost 10 years old. But I can't bite my tongue on this one. A nurse is a nurse. Whether a LVN/LPN/ADN/BSN/MSN. You don't need a BSN or MSN to take your NCLEX-RN. You take the same boards. The difference is the level of education. A BSN/MSN are geared towards management positions. From my experience, those in management seem to have their noses in the air & think they know it all when they haven't worked on the floor for many years. Their attitudes towards floor nurses, LVN/LPN/RN & CNAs is far from professional. They have it in their mind that they are far superior than anybody else. That really floors me. Nobody is better than the other and all should be treated with respect.

    Just because one holds a higher degree doesn't make them a professional in my eyes. No matter what position we may hold or what level of education we have we are bound to professionalism. We as health care workers must act "professional" on the floor. We must conduct ourselves in a professional manner including but not limited to: greeting, explaining procedures, asking permission, advocacy, assisting in the care, compassion etc. We are expected to act as a professional but not recognized as one? According to the standards and expectations as a professional we all fall under that category. But degree wise, some don't fall under that category, supposedly those are para-professionals. I hold a BA so I'm considered a professional. But I'm also a LVN, so I guess I'm only a para-professional. Now some of those ADN/BSN/MSN don't act professional but yet they are considered professionals. The LVNs that I work with happen to be the most professional people that I work with. They came from a time when discipline was part of the program. They also trained most of our BSNs on the floor but were booted out of the floor and are now treated as CNAs and can't have their own patient load. I also find RNs still go to them for help.

    My point being is that if the ANA doesn't distinguish LVN/LPNs as nurses and won't accept them into their organization then so be it. A professional organization will accept all nurses and not hand pick. Start an organization that includes all nurses and set the example.
  7. by   elkpark
    The ANA was founded and named when there was no such thing as an LPN, and when "nurse" meant a registered nurse. They haven't chosen to change their name, and they're not obligated to do so.

    Also, it would be hard for a professional advocacy organization to include both RNs and LPNs when the two groups' interests sometimes conflict -- when that happens, which group would the organization support, and which group would they leave in the lurch??

    There are organizations out there that advocate for and represent the interests of LPNs, and I don't really see what the big deal is. If I were an LPN, I would much prefer to belong to an organization exclusively devoted to LPNs, rather than hoping that a combined RN-LPN organization would enthusiastically work on my behalf (because I doubt that's how it would work out -- in a combined group, LPNs would most likely end up being "second-class citizens").
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  8. by   SWard95
    The ANA will never welcome LPNs because they view LPNs as SCAB LABOR. They have since Practical Nurses began being Licensed in WWII and taking jobs in hospitals.

    Now the ANA has a scam called "Magnet Certification" - with a deliberated goal of banning all LPNs from ever entering a hospital again. Likewise, the ANA is now on a mission of banning LPNs from Nursing Homes and Home Health.

    With all of this Hate and Bile the ANA has toward LPNs, do you really think they will ask LPNs to join them? Think again please.
  9. by   LALAVN
    I'm a brand new LVN a little scared but very excited about starting my career in the medical field. I know that I am not an RN, nor do I pretend to have more education or book smarts than an RN. I do believe however that I was trained very well to perform the duties neccessary to be a safe, effective LVN. If I wanted to take out another huge loan and go back to school I would, and still might in the future. I am trained to use practical knowledge and skill with patients to help them and promote health. Are some people so far removed from why they became nurses in the first place that they have resulted to arguing about what title you have behind your name? Aren't we kind of in it for the same reasons? You went to school to perform in your scope of practice, I went to school to practice in my scope of practice get over it. Believe it or not listing your credentials only makes you seem lacking in other areas, as someone who was truely professional would not feel the need to do so. I worked very hard to be an LVN as I'm sure you have to become who you are. It seems to be that people that feel the need to gripe about LVNs are angry and burned out...time to try something else besides nursing.
    P.S. LVN aren't going anywhere...LTC facilities don't wanna pay RN salaries for what an LVN will gladly do for half.
  10. by   nursel56
    The ANA is an elitist, insular club of like-minded individuals living in la-la land with their pet theories they formulated back when shag carpets and Pet Rocks were all the rage.

    The more I think about it, the angrier I get, because the differences between the Dark Ages of the seventies when supposedly we were "oppressed" is so striking I honestly shake my head in wonder.

    The last bit of insult was when patient ratio restrictions were wending their way through the legislative process a new "national nurse's union" was created with the core group -- even though the law specifically applies to both RNs and LVNs right there in black and white -- once again they were snubbed. Though they are not the same as the ANA, it is shaping up to be an ANA clone.

    It's not so much what they advocate for that bothers me, it's what they didn't do as a result of tunnel vision and throwing all their resources at unpopular and/or unworkable goals.