30 hour IV certification class for LPN's

  1. I am signed up for the 30 hour IV certification class for LPN'S. Has anyone taken this class or knows someone who did? I would like to hear your opinion on the class. They have sent me a study guide and a pretest to study before the weekend class. They say it is a no stress class. Is that true? Thanks for any information.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I have taken it twice and found it to be little to no stress. Helps when the instructor does a good job at making it interesting.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks caliotter3. I am glad to hear it was not a stressful class for you.
    I will calm down now and just study for it. I will stop freaking out and stop thinking I have to memorize
    every little detail on that study guide before the class.
  5. by   notmanydaysoff
    I took the class last month. Was it stressful? Only the first stick! There were 8 people in the class, 3 RNs and 5 LVNs. One of the RNs was very experienced, but was there b'cuz his employer required it.

    I was lucky, he was my partner. There was one gal (LVN) who scared me. She held the introducer at odd angles, had to be reminded on MANY occasions to hold it correctly. She was not fluent in english.

    I watched how my partner applied the tourniquet, held my hand, measured, straightened the vein, introduced the needle, felt the resistance, then fed the catheter. He did it with such ease, from start to finish - the whole procedure took less than 10 secs (not including taping, attaching tubing, bag, etc). No hesitation or trepidation.

    I followed his lead and got it every time. But of course, that is school w/the teacher standing over us, watching like a mother hen. I've yet to do it in the workplace! yikes
  6. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks. I am going to be taking the class with a friend of mine soon. I don't know if she knows IV's or not.
    I hope so. I have some experience with IV's and PICC's but not starting IV'S. It sounds like you really lucked out by getting the partner who was very experienced with IV's. I may need to dump my friend if she doesn't know IV's and find myself a very experienced nurse partner instead.
  7. by   tiroka03
    By all means take it. You will learn more than how to start and IV. It is a very good class.
  8. by   Blackcat99
    Yes. It sounds like it will be a good class. I would like to be able to work again in hospice. I have 2 years of past experience in hospice in another state. However, hospices here in Florida will not hire LPN'S unless they have completed the 30 hour IV certification class .
  9. by   EMR*LPN
    The class I took in OH in 2007 was 36 hrs, I think-2 weekends-Sat and Sun- I've still not been able to utilize those skills but it's nice to know I have them if needed. When I applied for endorsement to FL, it carried over so I didn't have to re-take the class...WHEW!! LOL...Good luck and you will not regret taking this course..
  10. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks EMR. I am glad to hear that you did not have to retake the IV certification class when you moved to Florida..
    I hope you will get a chance to use the skills you have learned.
    When I worked those 2 years in hospice, none of my patients ever had an IV.
    My local college offered the 30 hour IV certification class too. However, they charge $450 for this class.
    I lucked out and found a different IV class out of town for $190. However, since I am bringing a friend they gave us each a $15 discount so we each paid $175. I would urge anyone who needs to take this class to take it ASAP.
    My guess is that the prices of these IV classes will continue to go up in the future.
  11. by   Vershonda
    Where is Florida are you and can you please forward me the information for the class? I am a new LPN and would like to be IV certified but I am not sure of where to go. Thanks in advance...
  12. by   Blackcat99
    This class is going to be in Jacksonville on December 3 and 4. If you want to sign up please do it right away because there is some home study and a pre-test that is required before the actual class..
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  13. by   GoosbyLPN
    Whats the name of the class? Mayb I just missed it
  14. by   Esme12
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