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  1. OT OR NOT?

    "The more hours we work, the less she pays us." WHAT? Has she bothered to explain this "formula" to employees? What verbiage is in your original or current work contract/agreement with regards to what constitutes a pay period, a normal work week, OT...
  2. What type of test did you get during your job interview?

    For my current job (I work for a large faith-based/corporate health care company), part of the job app process included a personality test that is commonly used in employment screenings. Sorry, don't know the name, but it is used to determine persona...
  3. Places in San Diego That Teach Phlebotomy

    The CA BVNPT publishes a list of providers for IV/BW cert for VNs. If that is what you're looking for, you'll find it here: Certification runs around $300-$400 +/- Are you looking...
  4. Any lpns with previous bachelor degrees on here?

    I have a BS degree in agronomy. After working 30+ yrs as a field biologist in production agriculture, I decided it was time to hand over the reins to the younger folks just out of college. I went back to school in my mid-fifties (4 yrs ago) and got m...
  5. Taking a hit in the wallet for experience?

    "I do understand that I'm a new grad and I don't really have alot of demand right now due to being inexperienced" Hmmmmm, let's see....little experience, benefits, vacation, SL, free use of gym, uniform allowance, etc., a PRN job where you've only b...
  6. Has any nurses travelled far for school?

    For one year, I drove 1 hr for school and just a bit more than that for clinicals. Classes always started at 1500, so not difficult. Class got out at 2200 and I had to make the drive home at night, by myself. For clinicals, we had to be on the floo...
  7. Did you work while in LPN school?

    The following is cut and pasted from a post that I wrote a few months back. Working and going to nursing school are not mutually exclusive ~ just be prepared and ready to do them both. Best of luck to you! I decided to pursue nursing as a second care...
  8. trauma to the neck in an automobile accident

    My first thought after reading this was that the pt was going into hypovolemic shock due to decreased blood flow and poor perfusion. For the initial action, the path of least resistance, like a PP said, would be a flick of the thumb to increase fluid...
  9. How Old is "to old" to START a nursing education?

    I decided to pursue nursing as a second career - something to work at part-time in my pre-retirement yrs. I already had a BS degree in my previous profession as a biologist. Going back to school at 56 - wow! I did so much better, straight A's, perfec...
  10. Nurse Registry...Taxes/Benefits?

    If I am an employee (aeb them withholding taxes), and I work full time, don't they have to offer benefits? The IRS has a list of criteria that is used to distinguish IC status from employee status. That they are withholding taxes is one of the bigges...
  11. Any LVN's in Urgent Care?

    Urgent Care can be fast-paced, busy, and interesting. I've been working UC for a couple years and wouldn't change for anything. The hospital I work for hires LPNs almost exclusively to staff the centers. If you can think on your feet, react quickly, ...
  12. high standard

    jess - the school I attended had the same requirements. it can definetly be done, but what it meant is herculean amts of studying and being prepared. many in my graduating class could not score the 90+ percentage on the exit exam; the school gave the...
  13. LVN refresher class

    check this website out. not much in northern CA, I do know of the Concord school. BVNPT - Licensed Vocational Nurse Refresher Courses
  14. Can you renew your cna cert if you have an lpn license?

    the statement, "I understand that you are responsible to the highest level of education" is not entirely true. I would think it depends on the job title and responsibilities. I have more education than many of the RNs I work with, and I certainly do...
  15. Waiting to test....Can I work as a Med Tech?

    personally, I would be upfront with any potential employers. they need to know that you will probably be moving on when you become licensed. it is expensive and time consuming to train an employee.