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Good evening!

Just starting a thread for applicants for the Lower Columbia College LPN-RN program starting in Fall 2018. Everyone should be almost done with testing. I've done the TEAS and am taking the Kaplan on July 30. I got a 81% on the TEAS which I hope will be competitive. Any other prospective students for Fall out there??

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78% on TEAS. 72% on Kaplan. Applying for LPN to RN online.

I have to ask, how was the Kaplan transitions test? I am taking it Monday and am getting SO nervous!!

I recommend studying the book for Kaplan LPN used for NCLEX (wish I would have studied more;). Most of the test is about delegation, it felt similar to taking NCLEX-PN.

Do you know about how many applicants there are this year?

No, I've been wondering the same! A coworker who went through the program told me that she thinks they get around 200 applicants per year but I have no idea whether that's the case. I read that 68 is the passing score for the Kaplan. Is that a percentage or the number of points out of 90 that were correct?

I know 4 people who've taken the exams, 2 have passed, 2 have failed.

68% is the passing score. I'm not sure how the Kaplan exam score calculates into acceptance.

Are you trying for the campus based program or online?

Good Luck Monday!

Hey there! I also applied for the LPN-RN online program. I got an 85 on TEAS and 72 on the Kaplan transition.

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Hey! Finally some LCC people on here! Yay! I don't mean to interrupt or butt-in the thread, but does anyone know anything regarding the RN traditional cohort? I applied and got a 84.7% on the TEAS and have 83 points for grade admission points. Hopefully that is good enough!

I have a thread open for the RN traditional cohort, but didn't get any bites.

Thank you! I am applying for the online program. Happy to hear from everyone applying to both programs. Good luck everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm extremely anxious. I wish I could fast forward a couple of weeks just to have a "yes" or "no." The wait is rough!!!

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