Low GPA? Is there hope??? YES! Read this! Possibilities attached!

Short back story: I have a bachelors degree in sociology...did horrible all but the last year and a half. Graduated with a 2.4 gpa...finally realized what my desired...nursing. Of course, I'm not competitive with a 2.4 GPA right? First round of nursing apps...denied! Students Pre-Nursing Article


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gamecock_24 said:
Congratulations on your acceptance! I am sure many people will find your post very helpful! :yeah:

To the person who wanted the information for passing rate here is the link that has the passing rate for all NY schools.


Thanks, I kept googling NY board of nursing, but it kept giving me the forum sites and all kind of junk.


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I am so glad you posted this I was starting to feel discouraged!

I am in my second to last semester working on a BA in Psychology, I have been a 911 dispatcher for 6 years working full time over 50 hrs a week. About 3 months ago I decided I want to be a nurse and have been looking at BSN programs to start next year. I will be graduating with a 2.7gpa, I do have all of my pre req's (with A's and B's, C in chemistry and sociology) since I started shcool 6 years ago as a biology major, and next semester I am taking the rest that I need. My gpa is low from my first couple of years just being working too much and not knowing how to balance both.

I am not trying to get into any of the accelerated programs, I was thinking I would have a better chance at the traditional BSN programs. I am starting my application now for Fall 2012 for Nova, that is the only one I found with a deadline of April 2012 for entry in the fall, still looking around for others with deadlines that have not passed yet. I'm thinking it's a long shot but it's worth a try. Not sure what other schools to apply to, hoping to stay in Florida I cannot relocate for personal reasons.

Let me know if you can think of any other schools in Florida with BSN programs that a low gpa would not be disqualifying right off the bat! I would greatly appreciate it!


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Good luck to you Tela! I loved your post!! It was inspirational! I think so many students are in the same boat. I myself have had to overcome a not so impressive gpa....retaking some classes and working uber hard, I was able to raise my gpa and I'm waiting to hear if I got into the nursing program. Should be the end if this wk or next week. I hope everyone reads your post and realize it can be done.


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@ 911toRN: I know I looked at a lot of programs, many in Florida...can't remember which ones gave us a better shot...but I will definitely pull out my list when I get home and post what I find! But I know that you will definitely succeed...it may not be when you want it to...just don't give up hope!

@ Angsturdy: Thanks! I hope you get into your program also!!!!! GOOD LUCK! Let us know!


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@ 911toRN: Sorry I didn't look as extensively into Florida as I thought, but here's a couple:

Broward College

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

Keiser University

PS...I know you're looking for a 'quicker' entry date....Keiser begins multiple times a year, as does Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences (but not as often as Keiser)

Also, I know you said BSN...If my memory serves me correct two of them offer BSN programs...but I believe you have to be an RN or complete their ADN program first to continue on to the BSN. (Don't quote me on this though) :-)


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Congrats Tela!! Reading about your triumph and perseverance gives me great hope. :) Where are you relocating from? Did you by any chance research schools in the west coast?

I went to two different colleges in the past; and the gpa's for those were low. I am now attending a community college taking my pre-req courses. I would like to know when a BSN program(s) ask for overall gpa are they inquiring about your currrent overall gpa such as the current school I'm now attending or all of the overall gpa's that was taken in the past in total.


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@ Unthinkable: I relocated to California a few years ago (Bay Area)...but unfortunately (in my research) I have found that California and a lot of west coast schools in general have less admission cycles/opportunities than the east coast and south-which makes competition much greater (for me). Price also seems to be much steeper, so I don't have much west coast info...and I see that you're from the LA area?

If that's correct, I have come across a lot of postings on here from SoCal that have info on no-wait/list programs, quicker entry programs, easier admissions, etc. (however, I also noticed that a lot of them were either ASN or higher tuition rates) So you should try to look under the Region tab here and see what you can pull up.


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@ Juliansmom2011: Don't quote me on this response, but I'm pretty sure I'm right though :)

When a program asks for your overall gpa, they are asking for coursework taken from all previous institutions...in your case 2 prior and 1 current for a total of 3 schools (whose gpa's will be considered when combined; aka overall gpa)

HOWEVER, with that said...you should really take note of each school's admissions requirements specifically and individually, because there are some schools who will specify that they will only consider your pre-req overall gpa, and other courses taken will have little impact on their decision. Or some schools require a minimum pre-req overall gpa, in addition to a minimum overall academic gpa. (Ex. You must have an overall gpa of at least a 2.5 (all 3 of your schools combined) and have an accumulative of a 2.8 or better in your pre-req's)

There are so many variations, you just have to read carefully to see what that specific school desires. Hopefully I helped and not confused you! lol

@Tela: Thanks so much for the clarity...Majority of the BSN school require overall gpa along with the pre-req gpa. It's mostly the ADN school that requries one, which is the pre-req gpa. Thanks again.

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Thanks for posting this! While my GPA isn't too horrible, this has definitely given me more hope than I've previously had about future endeavors! I am definitely going to pass this along to my friend who'd love to hear this information! :) Thanks again!


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@ Juliansmom: No problem!

@ Iridescent Orchid: Yea, tell your friend not to give up hope; it might not come when s/he may want it to, but it'll come right on time! It gets kind of discouraging seeing everyone with higher gpa's post their acceptance celebrations, but when you see someone in your situation (or similiar to it) succeed it kinda renews your spirit also!

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