Weekend work, yuk.

  1. Ok, so here I am, a new grad, interviewing for my first job as an RN. This question is for all those who are already working. Is it just a given fact that all RNs work every other weekend? I don't mind working a weekend here and there, maybe one/month, and I don't mind working my share of holidays...but dang! Every other weekend seems brutal to me. Can I at least anticipate that dropping off after a year or so of full-time work? Maybe the brutal schedule is one reason why so many go back to school to become managers!
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  3. by   rita359
    If you work hospitals weekends are part of the deal. Some places have every third weekend. Hospitals are open 24/7. Don't know how you expected any less.
  4. by   clemmm78
    Yup. It's part of the job. I'm surprised you didn't know about it when you were studying. Who is going to work the weekends if the staff doesn't?

    When I began nursing (in the OLD days ), we worked two weekends out of three. Sure, it's a pain sometimes working on the weekends, but we all have to do it, as to firefighters, store clerks, police officers, doctors, bus drivers, snowplow drivers, truck drivers.....
  5. by   azor
    It depends.Some hospital work ever other wekend some every third wekend like my hospital of which they have weekenders that make us not to work weekend aT ALL SINCE THEY ARE HIRED TO work weekends. you just have to find hospitals that offer what you want.Govt hospitals mostly want u to work every other weekend and they are strict about it.
  6. by   southlandrn
    Yes, I understand that hospitals are open 24/7, and yes I understood this when I was studying! I just personally don't want to work every other weekend. Some folks like picking up extra weekends for the money, just like some like the night shift. We all have preferences. All I'm saying is I'm looking for a good fit. There is hope!
  7. by   suzy253
    Yup...every other weekend on.
  8. by   gcupid
    I've always known hospitals to have weekend workers. For example, nurses on baylor or wow program work the weekend and get paid full time.
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    many hospitals and nursing homes are now offering weekend option, this gives the weekends 5 days off during week and it gives the week day people a weekend off
    this is good for working parents who can depend on a babysitter for set days
    find the hospital which offers you the deal that suits you best
    if you like the hospital where you are and you don't like the hours then make a choice
    there are a lot of choices in nursing which makes it so ideal for so many