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  1. southlandrn

    Any clinical research nurses out there?

    Same thing.
  2. southlandrn

    Any clinical research nurses out there?

    In response to there not being much room for growth in this field: have you considered becoming a monitor for one of the drug companies, to oversee study sites etc? I am looking that direction myself, after I get several more years of CRC work under my belt of course!
  3. southlandrn

    Comparing salaries...

    Well DON'T TELL, but I was started out at $51K, with one year RN experience and no research experience.
  4. southlandrn

    New Grad recently offered a CRC position???????????

    I took a job as a research nurse after working on the floor for one year...and have no regrets at all! I don't really know that my one year of hell helps me out in this job, other than making me really really appreciate it! I too am learning lots...daily! Hope you accept it!
  5. southlandrn

    Any clinical research nurses out there?

    I am a newbie research nurse; I am employed by a Hemophilia Treatment Center within a university, and we have several ongoing studies as well as a CDC registry to maintain. So far so good! I too love the autonomy! Plus, working in a university setting affords many benefits compared to a hospital. Lots of holidays, vacation time, no weekends, etc...Oh, and I will have the opportunity to travel! How cool is that?!?
  6. southlandrn

    Loan buyback/ starting pay

    Touro recently dropped their loan payment from $300/mo to $175/mo until Feb '10; then, they are discontinuing the program and payments will be ZERO. So for all of us who signed on at Touro for the loan repayment program, we are S-O-L.
  7. southlandrn

    Research Coordinator Interview

    Hi! I am curious about your interview...what kind of questions did they ask? Did you get the job, or even want it post-interview? I too am considering leaving the floor for something a bit less stressful! Thanks!
  8. southlandrn

    Help! Stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    Honestly, you should take any job offered to you now. Seriously.
  9. southlandrn

    What shoes do you wear at work?

    New Balance runners for me...I have to use a Dr. Scholls gel insert but after 6 mos so far so good.
  10. southlandrn

    25K sign on bonus

    I remember a local hospital offering a NEW CAR as a sign on bonus, plus teacher hours (8 hr days, off for summers!) Yep, that was at least 12 years ago...
  11. southlandrn

    What's the best way to resign?

    Thanks so much to all of you for your advice! I will try and hunt down the info online in the employee manual. My comment about "jeapordizing my license" has to do with patient abandonment. But I would not do that anyway, I do have some professional scruples!
  12. southlandrn

    What's the best way to resign?

    Well, I lasted 8 mos. on the floor. Pure hell, hated almost every minute of it; I am lucky to escape with a mostly intact back; But I think I have a kidney infection...who has time to pee? :chuckle I now have a wonderful opportunity to work in academia, M-F, 7-3, no weekends or holidays. So now I must resign. How do I do it? Do I give just a two-wk notice or longer? Should I agree to flex even if I know I won't be avail. very often? Honestly, i'd resign over the phone if I thought I could get away with it without jeapordizing my license!:typing
  13. southlandrn


    oh, evidently sobbing throughout NACII is some sicko rite of passage that the instructors take extreme pleasure inflicting upon the lowly students.
  14. southlandrn


    i recommend getting ACLS certified prior to starting NACII; all that cardiac/code info will then be a review. once I took ACLS (after graduating) it all clicked into place and I wished someone had given me that advice.
  15. southlandrn

    Beginning RN Salary in Louisiana

    WOW is "weekend only worker" and must have 2 years experience, works q fri/sat/sunday 12 hr shifts. good for some i guess! so night WOW are earning $49/hr! and that's fulltime, with benefits, etc. PM me if you are interested, I will try to get you an interview on a unit currently hiring WOW.
  16. southlandrn

    Beginning RN Salary in Louisiana

    WOW nurses at Touro in NOLA make $44/hr base, plus $4 eve/$5 night diffs! (obviously no weekend diff since it's a weekend only full-time job...but weekend diff for other FT positions is $5/hr.