Losing Weight While In School

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I have lost roughly 20lbs since starting nursing school. I was quickly reminded how I managed to stay so thin in high school and college the first go-round. Stress+anxiety+fear+GI issues=IBS overdrive. Test days are most exciting, there have been mornings I was sure I was going to be late to my exam no matter how early I got up to prepare. 

When I was in school, I was very obese. To lose weight, we need to stay away from oily and junk food.

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I ended nursing school a full 25 pounds lighter than when I started. I have since regained about half of that.

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I put on 10 pounds over the course of my first year but that's okay because I was kind of underweight to start with. I'm now around 125 pounds and I look good, I think I may actually have put on muscle (from running around and lifting patients instead of sitting in a chair all day) rather than fat because all my clothes still fit and my stomach hasn't gotten any bigger.


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The end of my first year of nursing school I was 250+ pounds. Just graduated and I am somewhere in the mid to low 190's. Didn't have any time to exercise, it was all diet.

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Y'all crazy ... eat and study in the cafeteria is a thing 

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OMG, I'm gaining weight. I have no time to exercise i'm either studying, working, in class or sleeping. Any suggestions? I love walking but I'm so busy :-(. I'm a nursing student I graduate next year.

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Nursing school has forced me to slow down. 

I quit my retail job and the  processed food consumption dropped. I work at a hospital and eat salads for lunch now.

Went to doctor for physical and need to cut down salt. Was told I had to exercise 30 minutes a day and monitor BP twice daily. 

Purely health reasons. I really want my BP to be textbook normal, like it was when I was healthier