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    HOW would you spend your MONEY?

    Should I: 1. Take the 3-4 science classes I need and apply to an ABSN program -OR- 2. Do an LPN program, then progress to an ABSN? The LPN program will get me into the field faster AND help with employment ( Better $$$)/ school applications ( work experience). However, It would mean a year not progressing on classes. Plus , where I live the LPN programs cost $30,000 (they are all offered by for profit schools). I want to earn a DNP, so I need to fulfill the reqs for a BSN degree anyway. I do not know if the money spent on a LPN would be wise given my future goals. The BSN and associate degree programs in my state are COMPETITIVE- their is a strong likelihood I will need to spend money on moving to further my education. ALL the LPN to BSN bridge programs I see STILL want science classes. I could spend money on ONE program, or I spend money on TWO programs ( using one as a hedge of sorts). I'd rather not make costly mistakes, as I already have mediocre grades from my first college experience that ended in 2012 with a BA in a non science field. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for seven years after my BA and have been taking science classes the last three of those years in preparation. Any advice is WELCOME!!! Thank you!