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My yoga instructor insists headstands promote clear thinking. ;) try some deep breathing.......and smile!!!!! be confident.


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Another great thread! Thanks so much!

thank you


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Thank you so much for all the tips. I have one more year to graduate, and I'm about to finish my second semester of nursing school. Is really hard for me because my first language is not english and I'm always thinking to much the question and considering different parts of the questions. But I'm going to read all the information you send me and hopefully I'll be successful.


Many schools are not having any course about critical thinking but I think they should. If english is your 2nd language, you have to read carefully each question, and get used to the Nursing Fundamentals questions because they help a lot. To think critically, takes time. Read the question as it is (don't try to add to it), and try to eliminate the distractors. After you read the question, try to eliminate at least 2 answers, and pick your first choice. Stop erasing because that can get you in trouble. When I take a test, and I am not sure of the answer, I always put a question mark for that question and come back later to it. Don't waste your time and go to the next question. Come back to it later. Try to answer the questions that you didn't know for sure and don't erase any other answers.

Nursing program makes you humble and many people feel the way you do. If you really want to be a nurse, don't give up. God forbid, if you don't pass the fundamentals, retake it again. Don't let that stop you. Do as many Nclex questions as you can. The Fundamentals book helped me so much.

I wish you good luck!

some website that can help you:




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I just started Nursing school; I am currently using

Fundamentals-Success-Applying-Critical-Thinking on the first chapter for communication; it works well. But I dont know how to tackle the questions. I just know I need to use maslow pyramid, and focus on the cilent .etc.

I alway look at the rationale instead of critical thinking through it. Is this a bad thing? I want to do at least 1000 problems before I take the test. I will re do the chapter on communication... will my expiernce with reading the book set me up to be a better test taker that can answer similiar questions or am I doing the wrong thing?

Should I start doing more problems?


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Great thread!


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Thanks for the information. Great Thread:yeah:

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