how long is your lvn program?


Hello, I would like to know how long is your lvn program? Do your program have terms? If so, how many? The school im about to start has 4 terms and the program is 12months fulltime.

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I graduated in June 08. My program was 15 months long, full time M-F 7:30a-2:30pm. We got the normal Federal Holidays off but we didn't get Spring Break vacation or Summer vacation like the colleges do or the State LPN programs.

We had 5 mods. Each mod was 13 wks long.


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18 LONG MONTHS....going 3 nights a week and clinical on alternating weekends.

Ella26, BSN, RN

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18 months long, it took me 21 b/c I went part-time. It was a day program usually clinicals were like M-W class the other days, no weekend.


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11 months, full time, M-F, 8-3 - the shorest program that I know of. Very intense.

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Mine is Aug 09-July 10, M-F 830-3


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My program is 16 months with 4 terms. We do get a one week break between terms. Keeps me hopping

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I completed my LVN program in 2005. It was 12 months long and divided into five terms.


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9mos and it was hell! I don't know how I did it.


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almost 11 months, FT M-F. one week off in may (half-way thru).

clinicals vary but they combine day/swing. there will be saturdays at some point.

class always from 3 - 10pm. depending on the mod, we may have lecture 2 days/clinical 3 days per week or vice versa.

it's a pretty intense program. but I gotta tell you, even after only 5 wks, I'm beginning to think like a nurse!


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18 months...I start Fall 2010, and hopefully graduate Spring of 2012. We get winter breaks, spring vacation, and summer off.