loans for pre-reqs... have you done it?


hi guys. i'm currently looking for a job that will help pay my living expenses. the jobs that are available are min wage and not enough hours. I'll take what i can get. So, i have around 5-6 prereq classes i need to take for nursing school. i don't have enough money for living expense and school. are there loans for prereqs at community college? did you guys take out loans for your prereq education and how did you do it? thanks guys


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I took out loans for everything, I dont advise it if there is any possible way not to... but if you need it and cannot go to school anyother way then do what you have to do... I know people say all kinds of things about how bad it is to take out loans, but if the option is work for minumum wage the rest of your life or go to school and better yourself.... seems like a no brainer... i will have about 266 a month in student loan payments here in a few months, kinda like a car payment, but had i not done this I would be lucky to make 8 dollars an hour~ at which i couldnt even afford a car pmt!! Good luck!!!


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also, you need to first fill out a fafsa at if you are in the US. It requires tax info from last year... there is alot of info on where to go from there! Good luck!!!


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Same here! First two terms I used grants alone and found myself working way too much, trying to pay for school and normal bills. I am a single mom so I really didn't want to be at school full time and work full time. I ended up doing work-study, which is a wonderful program if it is available, and loans on top of grants. Now that I have actually been accepted into nursing school they messed up my fafsa and I only have loans this year. I was really hesitant to take such a big loan ammount, but without them I would again be working at least 40 hours a week while in nursing school and trying to find time with my son.

Maybe look into what repayment options there are and see if you are comfortable with those. With my federal loans there are two options that seem like they will be big helps which is the IBR or income-based repayment and Graduated repayment. The IBR is really helpful as it takes into account your income and then bases your payments on that. With the graduated repayment your payments start low and then increase over the years, as income normal would after years of experience.

It might be too late but you can go to FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid and look there. Also there are quite a few places that offer private educational loans, but I would be careful of those. I believe Chase is one I looked into and I know my friend had one from Wells Fargo at one point. Your financial aid office at your school should be able to help you as well. Give them a call or email them and ask what help they can offer. Best of luck and try not to let money stand in your way. Even though that is harder than it seems!

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^^^^ ita! before you take out loans please please go and speak to financial aide at your local community college.

there are scholarships for 'pre nursing' students, and while some are income based, many are based on the classes you are taking. the income based scholarships may pay more, but every little bit helps.(if for some reason you did not qualify due to income, for whatever reason)

student loans can help some students, when used wisely, but these types of loans cause so many working graduates a lot of stress.


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My community college doesn't participate in student loans so that isn't even an option for us. I took loans all four years while working on my BSEd.


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Eh, student loans are student loans. Doesn't matter if you're working on pre-reqs or are in a program.

As for the person who said their school doesn't participate in loans... ??? What? I don't understand what the school has to do with it? They may not be set up with a financial aid department to help walk you through the process, but you can get a loan from wherever will give you one (FAFSA or a personal bank loan). The school doesn't care where the money comes from as long as you pay your tuition.

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I got the Government to pay for it. Tuition Waiver Program. A strong part me doesn't want to advise that program, because the catch is you have to register for your class on late registration day. By that time classes are full. I lucked out that someone dropped. But, as others had said fill out your fasfa and apply for scholarships. Don't count out those scholarships. Money is out there, you got to find them.

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Yes, I have loans for pre-req's. Not much choice, either that or like the other poster said, work minimum wage the rest of my life. I figure that I will pay it down eventually as Im sure I will never retire.

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I took out loans for all of my school, as well. I worked full time while gaining my pre reqs and through nursing school, but I used the extra money for school expenses, like a decent laptop and other supplies. The loans really were a help to me while in school.

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I worked full time during nursing school. My pay just about covered rent and bills, without a car. I did nursing school at a community college, and I had to take out loans for everything, including prereqs. Not all employers offer tuition reimbursement.

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I've thought about combining loans with my grants for pre-reqs, but I figure I shouldn't take out a loan unless it's deemed necessary. My grant is covering over 95% of my costs throughout my last semester of pre-reqs, and while I'm still working, I can do that and save all the loan mess for when I leave this dead-end job behind and I start the LPN Program! (January Hopeful) :D