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I'm pretty sure I saw someone here had posted a great list of COVID/infection control questions to review with admin for this school year(where will isolation room be, policy for quarantine, PPE to request etc). Maybe it was you, @Flare?

For some reason I can't find it.... Can someone point me in the right direction, or share your personal list? I am so overwhelmed. I need a starting place so that I can get my head straight. We start next week, I don't even have disinfectant or masks, and I need all the help I can get.

Good luck and good health to all of us this year.

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1 hour ago, Flare said:

@laflaca here's a link to the document:

good luck! I'm fed up beyond the point of frustration

Nice list, Flare. I see you are in my home state.

In MA, mask wearing will be mandatory for grades 2 and up (and suggested from grades 1 & K). I'm working with older kids and my school is requiring masks.

I have a demo set with me, my boss, and my school's big boss for Emocha ( It is big bucks, but my school is willing to consider it for pre-screening prior to entry. I can report back after the demo Zoom meeting next week.

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Thanks all! That list is so handy, @Flare - I appreciate it. And I think I'm sharing your watch-it-burn mindset too. I'm new in this district, I have no idea if there was nursing input into whatever plan may exist, and I have no idea when I'll even see that plan.

But I am seeing that at this point, whatever happens is not going to be in my control.

There is completely uncontrolled community spread where I live, and the hospitals have been teetering on the edge of capacity for weeks. Results on testing is taking 7-10 days, sometimes longer. We don't have a statewide mask mandate; bars are open. Our county PH is so overwhelmed they don't even call people positive for COVID, let alone any contacts, unless they're over 65. I wouldn't be notified of any COVID cases among students unless the parents thought to call me.

I tell myself that no one is crazy enough to put teachers in a poorly ventilated room with 35 or even 15 adolescents for 6 hours a day, in this context. But this is AZ soooooo......

All I can do is make decisions about what risks to my own health, family and finances I'm able to tolerate. I'm going to just see what happens, I guess.


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Thanks for this, @Flare! Some great info to consider.


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My area 's school district announcing plans tomorrow.

Philadelphia Inquirer

July 18th, 2020

‘Every teacher I know is flipping out:' As pandemic back-to-school plans form, educators are wary

Pa. recommends 6-foot distancing all day in schools; teachers union calls for districts to plan for online-only learning

Facing uncertain fall, schools make flexible reopening plans


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On 7/16/2020 at 1:05 PM, Flare said:

@laflaca here's a link to the document:

good luck! I'm fed up beyond the point of frustration

Thanks for sharing! We are all in this together, more than ever it will be imperative for our self care to support each other. I feel pretty alone most days, this is causing me nightmares. I hope that some "sane" decisions will be made and QUICKLY!