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  1. Cas1in72

    Speaking of summer...

    That is fantastic! Good for you!!!!!
  2. Cas1in72

    Complaint of the Day

    Had a frequent flyer arrive in my office with an over pronounced limp, wearing a walking boot!!! No MD documentation, her story on how it happened was sketchy at best. She wanted an elevator note and a note stating she needed extra time in the hallway and that a friend needed to help her carry her books. ( UMMMMM I was not born yesterday) I told her that I would not give an elevator pass without medical documentation. I told her I would have to make some calls and sent her to class. She didnt flinch and left. I called home, explained what happened. My ears were blasted off when mom screamed " She did what?!?!?" She said," Im coming in there, when I get there, we are calling her down." Mom arrived a few minutes later, I called the student down to my office. Again, over pronounced limp with walking boot. The color completely drained from her face when she saw her mother sitting in my office holding a pair of tennis shoes. 10 minutes later, and after a lecture that nearly made me cry, mom handed her the tennis shoes and said, " put these on and go back to class, now explain this to everyone." OUCH!!!! I've never seen a student walk back to class slower than that little girl. Needless to say, her FF visits to my office stopped after that day.
  3. Cas1in72

    Vaseline without parental permission?

    I had to Heimlich a kid last year when he was choking on a peppermint that had been handed out in class. UGHHH why didnt someone heimlich him in class ( teacher, aids etc) could really rant on that one!!! Thankfully, all was well, but had my ticker pumping!!!
  4. Cas1in72

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    And just when I was sure I would snap before the end of this last day before break, a student walks in with something behind her back. Im scared, pretty sure its something alive or dripping with blood, instead its a Christmas gift!!!! She looks at me and says " I love you Miss CAS1in72, Merry Christmas" This from a family that I am 100% certain can not afford to be giving gifts to people like me BUT there goes my heart and the tears. Its the little things that make this job worth it Merry Christmas to all my fellow School Nurses who understand that this job is something you just cant explain to anyone else!!!!
  5. Cas1in72

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    That is really sweet!!!! I may have to "borrow" this idea
  6. Cas1in72

    7th Grade Vision Screening

    Had this happen in the 4th grade. Half the students failed?!? Word got around that if you "failed", you were taken to the library to be re-screened by one of the student nurses I had working with me that day. Basically = get out of class time. Once I caught on and gave them all a big lecture, AMAZING thing happened... nearly all of them passed on the first try! Always trying to stay one step ahead of the game, but I admit, its not always an easy thing to do!
  7. Cas1in72

    911 call

    You did just what I would have done. Head injuries are no joke, you assessed and found reason enough to send out. I agree that if the Docs thought this was BS, they never would have ordered the CT. Second guessing is such an unpleasant part of this job. Its a huge change going from a setting where you have an emergency and its all hands on deck to you are standing alone. We make decisions based on our assessment and gut. Be proud of yourself for being the nurse you are!
  8. Cas1in72

    Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    THIS THIS THIS!!!! The famous "get out of school free card" UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Cas1in72

    Will school nurses be extinct?

    I certainly hope not. I think the need for a nurse is even greater than before. We are the front line, and in the case of many of my students, the only health care professional they may see regularly. We need to be here to teach, advocate for the students and do ALL of the other amazing things school nurse's do. This is by far the hardest nursing job I have had in 25 years, that says a lot coming from an acute care/hospital setting.
  10. Cas1in72

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    I just about spit out my drink reading this lol!
  11. Cas1in72

    Do you always send home after Vomiting 1x?

  12. Im back working with littles . I miss being able to say stuff like this!!! Love it!
  13. Cas1in72

    Otherwise Becomes Aware - Input Requested

  14. Cas1in72

    Grossed out for the first time this year

    I just had a parent tell me she " cures" her kids ear infections by pouring urine in his ear!!! Lets just say my RNF was not able to hide my shock and horror for that kid. I didnt even get around to asking who's urine was going in the kids ear. SMH!
  15. Cas1in72

    Essential Oils

    We actually have a corporation wide policy on use of essential oils. Can not be administered by nurse or student at school. Doesnt keep them from putting it on before they get here. Im not anti-oil. I just worry about the interactions and possible effects it could have. Too hard to regulate. Some of it is so strong I have had Asthmatic students have issues. One of my elementary students was hospitalized multiple times one year, come to find out, the teacher was running diffusers in her classroom causing the kid to have problems. That was not a good thing!!!