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Cas1in72 specializes in school nursing/ maternal/child hospital based.

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  1. Cas1in72

    All pukes are not created equal

    Exactly! I give them a cup of water, let them rest for 15 min and if no puke- back to class. In 5 years Ive only had 3 kids go on to puke in the classroom. The kids arent usually the problem for me, its the staff. I can not get it in their heads that not every puke is equal to illness. KIDS PUKE, I tell them. I have even had a teacher get in my face and say" if that kid pukes in my class its your fault and you are cleaning it up" Needless to say, that kid didnt puke( thank goodness!!!)
  2. Cas1in72

    All pukes are not created equal

    This every day!! So many times, especially with littles, you find out they had been coughing before the "puke" or they were in gym and drank a ton of water and ran laps then " puke" or its really hot out and they were expected to gobble down their lunch and went full out during recess, "puke" I keep trying and trying to explain to the staff that not every "puke" is equal to illness, but time and time again it gets thrown back at me "its policy" NO... persistent vomiting or vomiting with fever or kid looks bad and doesnt have any other circumstances surrounding the episode is a reason to exclude. They flip out when I tell a parent, " if LD doesnt vomit again or run a fever, they can return tomorrow" You would think Im trying to infect the entire school with Ebola. I feel like its common sense!!! But, then again, Im just the nurse around here. This has been an extremely long year..............
  3. Cas1in72

    Charting in Powerschool

    Only 1 at a time. Powerschool for me- time consuming and restrictive. I would love to have something like a quick text, seems like I chart the same things over and over. Asked IT, said it couldnt be done.
  4. Cas1in72

    "Hypothetical" Situation

    THIS 1000%. Sometimes doing nothing is DOING something. Honestly, splinting can be a scary thing, especially when you dont actually know what the dx is.
  5. Cas1in72

    "Hypothetical" Situation

    No way that needed a 911 call. Who knows, the "ER staff" might have been housekeeping ( not a slap to housekeeping staff) but I would let that roll off my back.
  6. Cas1in72

    "Hypothetical" Situation

    I would not have called 911 on that. VSS, child was not in terrible pain. Arm was essentially immobilized while sitting and parents were in agreement. The only way I would call on something like that would be if there was a circulation issue, and a big one at that. When I was in the 8th grade, I broke my clavicle during Gym class. They called the ambulance, I was terrified by that and so embarrassed. That was a "hypothetical" good call. Who questioned you? Nothing like arm chair quarterbacking to make you feel like crap. DONT, you made the right call!!!!
  7. Cas1in72

    Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    19 years in the hospital. Worked as a maternal/child float but was sent to all units. Even did a 2 year stint in ER. THIS IS THE HARDEST JOB I HAVE EVER HAD!!!
  8. Cas1in72

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Snow day yesterday and starting off with a 2 hour delay today. Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!!
  9. Cas1in72

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    Let thy body heal itself people!! Not everything needs intervention. Can we put that on a tshirt ?
  10. Cas1in72

    Student Overdoses

    I'm so sorry. 3 years ago, I had a similar situation. I'm sending you my love, support and encouragement. You saved their life, you were there and thank goodness for that!!!!!! I would say, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk this one out. Go to a crisis counselor ,if you can. Maybe call your local police or fire and see who they process their situations with. I did, and it helped. Journal about your feelings, just get them out. We are nurses and handle life and death situations all the time, but We ARE HUMAN. It hurts, suicides and suicide attempts are all together different from " emergencies or illness" For me, there was something so terribly sad about a person hurting so much they wanted to end their life. I took it to my heart and it was tough. I still have nightmares about it. In 26 years of nursing, nothing impacted me like that did. Unfortunately, my school didnt act with any follow up for the students or staff ( SO NOT OK) It's Ok to feel like you do, You will run the gamut on this one. I would swing from sadness( over her pain) to anger ( that she would do something like that at school and what if she had succeeded) to no confidence/anxiety ( I know I managed to keep her alive this time, but what about the next time) back to anger ( that my school chose to keep it quiet, even though 12 students knew she had taken the pills but didnt report and not make this a serious educational moment on the crisis that is suicide among young people) to being grateful that at that moment, I found enough calm to do what I needed to do, I was a nurse, I did what I was trained to do. I cant send enough love to you right now. Big hugs. Please continue to process this. You are a nurse and thank God for you.
  11. Cas1in72

    Vent Sesh

    Mind blown on this one!!!! Sometimes there are no words for this craziness we call school nursing!!!
  12. Cas1in72

    Gave an EPI pen for first time in years

    ABSOLUTELY! Great job Nurse!!!!
  13. Cas1in72

    Asthma Medication Assistance List

    Thank you!
  14. Cas1in72


    I can not imagine!!!!!
  15. Cas1in72

    Coping with emergencies at any time.

    Absolutely! I miss working side by side with other nurses, for a number of reasons. Mainly, so other people can understand my sense of humor. I think the teachers see me as loon or mean when I laugh about some things. Take the great Poop Apocalypse of 2019. Explosive diarrhea all over my bathroom from a Kinder. There is nothing I could do but laugh when it was all said and done or I would have cried. I appreciate you all more than words can say!!!!
  16. Cas1in72

    All I want for Christmas is . . .

    For staff to stop making everything an "emergency" and having this old nurse come running full stop for the most ridiculous events. One of these days this old gal is gonna collapse and then we will really have an emergency! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

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