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Cas1in72 has 27 years experience and specializes in school nursing/ maternal/child hospital based.

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  1. Cas1in72

    The tricks we use

    My school secretary told me to try that, and it works. Leaving a detailed message for something I need them to do is the surest way to NOT get a call back. Shocking!
  2. Cas1in72

    That was a first

    Great job!!! School Nurses are ESSENTIAL! I remember the first time I gave Epi, my heart was beating so fast you would have thought I had a dose. It is amazing to see how fast it works.
  3. Cas1in72

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    To all of my fellow school nurses that have not gotten the recognition or thanks from your administration or leadership this year, I want to say I am sorry, but want to also say that I appreciate you, I see you and all of your hard work, and know the...
  4. Cas1in72

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    Thank you for writing this out. So many times, when I speak to my friends that are still at the bedside, they think I sit around and pass out band aids all day. You described so well, just a tip of what we do. I wish more people understood!
  5. Cas1in72

    So Discouraged...

    Sending love and virtual hugs to you all. My heart is heavy, I fluctuate between times of major anxiety and complete anger. My sister was diagnosed with Covid over the weekend, went to ER with chest pain and difficulty breathing. No beds, we are ...
  6. Cas1in72

    Athletics = Madness

    I have had to distance myself from any social media, and can not watch the Zoom school board meetings anymore. Seeing the pictures of our school sports teams, the crowds etc, makes me physically ill. Then seeing my staff going on about life as if ...
  7. Cas1in72

    C'Mon Now!

    Yes, but after being in class from 7:05-1:00!
  8. Cas1in72

    C'Mon Now!

    Perfectly showcases that people have no understanding or common sense: High school student, works at a restaurant that has been shut down d/t many employee cases. Student told by provider to wait a couple of days and be tested, as she was a close c...
  9. Cas1in72

    2020 small achievements

    Went from seeing 40-50 kids per day to average of 5!! When this is all over ( COVID) I will be sure to remind the teachers that every little thing does not need to come to the office. AMAZING!!!
  10. Cas1in72

    Sending Home Any Covid Sx?

    I feel this comment so deeply! Its going to be a very challenging year. Wish there was a symptom that screams "Hey its Covid" but thats not happening. I am all for sending kids home with just 1 symptom, I don't see how we can do it any other way. I...
  11. Cas1in72

    List of questions and requests

    Thanks for sharing! We are all in this together, more than ever it will be imperative for our self care to support each other. I feel pretty alone most days, this is causing me nightmares. I hope that some "sane" decisions will be made and QUICKLY!
  12. Cas1in72

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    Happy School Nurse's Day!! Stay healthy. Virtual hugs!
  13. Cas1in72

    Fast Acting Glucose in Classrooms

    Most of my diabetics have glucose tabs but have also kept skittles ( 15 candies per diabetic educator directive) for a fast acting. I like to keep them in emergency bags. How many Starburst do you use?
  14. Cas1in72

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

  15. Cas1in72

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    Which is exactly what I'm seeing with the Flu around here. The shortness of breath, not so much, but have had issues. Had a lot of cases of pneumonia this year, probably more this year than I have in all of my previous years combined.