list of nursing skills


i know that these are some of the nursing skills i needed to know

- medication administration - oral/ eye med/ ear med/ etc.

- different types of injection - im/subq/ intradermal

- wound care

- bowel care

- insulin therapy

- ventilator care

- tracheostomy care

- wound vac care

- how to start an iv / change bag/ give compatible meds and not compatible

- hep lock / saline lock

- medical equipment / supplies - how to use them

- etc....

and i'm sure there are a lot more that i missed and i would really appreciate if you can add your share. it would be an awesome addition if you can add some tips and tricks on how to do them too . and a good website to know those skills wouldn't hurt as well. i graduated almost a year ago and i just don't want to lose my skills while still searching for my very first job. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to newbies like me. :reindeer:

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Add piggy back administration to the IV list along with assessing the site.

Central lines

Foleys (all types straight cath, gravity, supre-pubic etc...), g-tubes, NG -tubes, red tubes all tubes...........I'm going to stop and let someone else come in.

Shallow suction, O2 administration................I'm really going to stop now.

Physical assessments including oral history...couldn't help myself.

How to document in the nurse's progress notes including the legal aspects.....that's all folks.

Good luck


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I'd recommend a book on what type of nursing you're interested in for instance, Emergency Nursing (Sheehy's) - it's a huge book with tons of information that would be impossible to write on this post.

You had medical/surgical nursing books for school, so you could look back on those for nursing assessments, skills, interventions that would be expected of a nurse in that area.... basically a med/surg book would give you lots of fundamental information if you're unsure of what you might need to know for your first job. I've kept all of my nursing textbooks. They have proved useful over the years.

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For just a list of skills, try looking at websites for travel nurse agencies. They tend to have skill checklists that are customized for whatever specialty you're interested in (usually under applicant information or some similar section).

thanks for all your wonderful inputs and suggestions...they are greatly appreciated :bow:


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I think it depends on what your first job is. ER nursing will be a lot different then LTC nursing, or NICU. I work on an ortho floor, and in addition to the things you just listed.......Wound Vacs, Q-pumps, Hemovacs (care and removal), Pain management, dressing changes, Central and PICC line (care and dressing changes), IV starts, Blood draws (from PICC line and Central lines), IV pumps, PCA, finger temps, Foley insertion and care, In and out Caths, Care of post op patients total knee, total hip, shoulders, back, neck, amputation, cancer, trauma. Then of course our patients come with other issues which we also have to deal with while they are there for ortho issues....diabetes, HTN, heart disease, digestive issues, feeding tubes, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse issues, family issues, spiritual issues, seizure disorders, obesity, O2 sat issues, asthma, sleep apnea, CPAP or BIPAP use. There are more, but these are the most common.