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Lisa Arends notes

Wow just ordered Lisa Arends notes off of ebay and received a blank CD with nothing on it? Anyone else use these?

Wow just ordered Lisa Arends notes off of ebay and received a blank CD with nothing on it? Anyone else use these?

I started with Lisa Arrends notes and was less than impressed. I made two C's on the first two nursing exams by using her notes before switching to SG101 and now have an A and a B using the SG101 study guides.

So far less than impressed with the customer service from her also. She was willing to send me a new one when I ship the CD back to her. What an inconvenience. This will be my last purchase from her.

Unless she offered to pay the return shipping, I would decline and then contact your credit card company to do a charge back, if you used a credit card.

She did not !! I am disputing it unless she does. Obviously a poorly run business.

Not recommended, she can be kind of mean and quite rude for the simplest questions. That and she has that ugly hag nurse in the background of everything and when you print you can't read the pages. And she says everything is updated, but the dates on mine were 2005 which is almost 10 years ago. One was enough for me and I threw it away and have been extremely happy with studygroup101 study guide and audio - all A's and B's so far with one to go before fcca


Yes I wouldn't recommend her either. I had the same issues with her stuff explained to her that her notes are not update. No reply from her.


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Nope would not recommend at all! I much prefer SG101, but not the audio version.

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I used her notes back in the day, but the spelling errors drove me nuts! Between that and the Chancellors audio guy mispronouncing anatomy terms, I was about to lose my OCD-about-English mind! Haha. Her stuff isn't bad, but that is poor customer service. You have avenues of recourse since you bought it from eBay, and more if you used PayPal. I would start by complaining to eBay. She will be motivated to keep her eBay account in good standing!

I didn't use the audio for anp but the audio for the nursing courses from sg101 are excellent :cat:

I have a dispute going with her. She still hasn't resolved it. I am now going to stop payment through paypal !!! She is a joke !!!

Read many, many negative comments about her products and service over the years and vaguely remember reading one of her replies that was extremely rude and not helpful. Most comments about SG101 are positive. They update their material on a regular basis.

Thanks everyone this has been very helpful !

The problem with these helpful suggestions is that we usually find them after we have wasted time and money!


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