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  1. Karen014


    How did you prep ?
  2. Karen014


    Looking for some input please. For those that have used CLEP what are the best study guides for Human Growth and Sociology ??
  3. All your Anatomy and Micro have to be done. I would suggest finishing the prereqs before even registering, that way you save the yearly fee. Just a thought though.
  4. Karen014

    Life Span Development

    No I didnt I am just looking into it now ! Wow that's interesting. Did you do that ?
  5. Karen014

    Life Span Development

    Was wondering what the best resources are for this class. I noticed Vango Notes doesn't have any for this to listen to.
  6. Karen014

    Saylor Academy

    I tried Saylor for a while and was not impressed. I paid for Educationportal.com for a while and it was worth the monthly fee.
  7. Karen014

    Excelsior college Study partners -micro

    I am going to be taking Micro Monday. I found education portal a huge help in breaking the information down into understandable rationals. It's worth the money for a month or so. Watch all the videos it will help you not get overwhelmed.
  8. Karen014

    SG101 Need Help

    Thanks I will do that. 1 week left till test day
  9. Karen014

    Excelsior Micro practice exam help!!

    I have used the following educationportal.com (huge help) sg101 vango notes i feel confident now test in a week my first test
  10. Karen014

    Any ohio nurses got thru Excelsior

    Yes Ohio does accept. I am from Ohio and I have several friends that have done EC
  11. Karen014

    Excelsior Micro practice exam help!!

    I took the first practice exam and studied those areas. I have the test a week from tomorrow so I will take the next practice exam later today. I have been plugging away at all the practice quizzes on Sg101 and listening to Vango Notes. I guess we will see what happens in a week í ½í¹ˆ
  12. Karen014

    SG101 Need Help

    Thanks I appreciate the help !
  13. Karen014

    SG101 Need Help

  14. Karen014

    SG101 Need Help

    NEED HELP PLEASE !!! Getting ready for my final for Micro. Now using SG101. Extreamly confused navigaring it. I read the directions on how to use this guide but I am finding that the quizes talk of things that are never reviewed in the material provided ??? What's the best way to tackle this ??? Any help would be great !
  15. Karen014

    Great News for Excelsior Students!

    I am kind of at a crossroads, finishing up micro and need life span so I have been torn between finishing my last pre-req or jumping into the transitions.
  16. Karen014

    Great News for Excelsior Students!

    Kind of interesting the web site hasn't been changed to reflect this ?