Lippincott's Q&A NCLEX RN versus NCLEX please help!

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I am finding the questions to be very difficult and was wondering if others felt the same way. I scored 80 on the readiness test for Saunders and a 73 on Kaplan. With Lippincott, I've only done 1.5 chapter quizzes but so far my scores are 68 and 66. My exam is Tuesday morning and I am starting to freak out! Please help!

Don't worry I think your scor is ok, I have Lippincot q&a just got it, it has really helpful q-s so Saunders is easy than Kaplan, but if u pay attention in Kaplan's author is Lippincot, good luck!!!

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I ended up not using the Lippincott and from what I have been selling back to Amazon, it's the least popular. I used the Hogan series and SO grateful I didn't waste $300 I don't have on the Hurst. We were sold an NLN review program through our ADN program and I found that most helpful.

Lippincott's was the only review book I used. I actually didn't do many questions from the book, I stuck strictly to the CD. With that being said.... I took the NCLEX-RN on June 9- 75 questions and the good pop-up!!!! Just waiting to see my license posted on my state's BON

Good luck to you and be sure to put the books down at least 24 hours before you take NCLEX. RELAX and you will do fine:specs:

I took the exam today, 75 questions in less than hr. I did the PVT 3 times now and I got the good pop up! :)

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