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  1. rntobein2012

    what to assign to other RN type questions, also priority

    I tried sending a PM, but box is full...could I please get a copy? beckyg73@gmail.com. Thanks!!!
  2. rntobein2012

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Good point-thank you for that! Some people really don't have time to read through 90+ pages ;-) glad I know what the PVT is!!
  3. rntobein2012

    NCLEX on 6/14

    I appreciate hearing how others study, so thank you! I'm taking mine as well on the 14th. Good luck to you! I've been studying with Saunders, did the NCSBN NCLEX review & LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation & Assessment. I plan on just answering questions regarding content I am less confident with & reviewing a few others items such as lab values, etc.
  4. rntobein2012

    Took NCLEX today!!! Questions

    I agree with Need1221!?? But the minimum # of questions is a positive I think. Did you take the NCLEX-PN and if so how do you think that compared to the NCLEX-RN? Did you have quite a few SATA?
  5. rntobein2012

    The good "pop-up"

  6. rntobein2012

    How did you get your nursing home job?

    I started at a temporary placement agency that specializes in the medical field. I knew I ultimately wanted to be at a hospital, but I ran into the same problem as you, they weren't hiring. So, I worked for the temporary company until a position opened up at the hospital I wanted to work at. It wasn't ideal by any means because you go in blind & some employees can be not so nice, but some can be very helpful & you can get some experience while getting paid!
  7. rntobein2012

    Completely frustrated :-( please help

    Good luck to you & keep your head high. 'Try' not to over think the questions & usually your first instinct is correct!!
  8. rntobein2012

    Lippincott's Q&A NCLEX RN versus NCLEX please help!

    Good luck!!
  9. rntobein2012


    My opinion is you can study too little and you can study too much. For myself, I like to keep it to only a few study items otherwise I feel like I'm studying all over the place & not completely concentrating. I've found ATI to be wrong sometimes. I do like the idea of LaCharity & I'm not familiar with Kaplan. We all have different study habits, so go with your instinct ;-) Good luck!
  10. rntobein2012

    Does your school get your NCLEX results?

    Sorry to hear your results. Doesn't sound very professional to announce in front of a patient. Stay positive! You passed nursing school, you can pass the NCLEX!!
  11. rntobein2012

    Got my quick results - passed the NCLEX, I'm an RN!

  12. rntobein2012


    I like Saunders, LaCharity (Priority, Assessment & Delegation) & the NCSBN NCLEX-RN review, but everyone has different study styles. Good luck!!
  13. rntobein2012

    Want to share to my fellow students how I passed the NCLEX RN exam

    Thanks for your advice & sharing your amazing story...true inspiration!
  14. rntobein2012

    Anyone testing on 6/9?

  15. rntobein2012

    will I ever feel ready???

    Try to stay calm, do some breathing exercises to relax before you start your exam. Good luck!!
  16. rntobein2012

    Questions about NCLEX