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since it's getting to be that time, i thought i would post some of my favorite links. this first list is general info, the allnursing school common questions is very informative, altho they tend to push the bsn. i hope they are helpful and will list more on another thread.

sites for students

sn: student nurse: a website and monthly magazine for student nurses

all nursing schools - find a school


all nursing schools - common questions and answers

student nurse resource page

the student nurse forum


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these sites i have or do visit. thanks for sharing!


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These sites are really good. Do you mind if I share them with some of my study buddies? I'm planning a bi-weekly newsletter and it would be so cool to have a new site listed in each newsletter.

Thanks for sharing these with us. What a way to network!!


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On discover, you can order free materials (poster, pamphlets, a video, etc.) promoting nursing education. I ordered like, 500 of the pamphlets, I think 5 of each poster, etc. for an instructor I had in school (she didn't have computer access). Just thought you might want to know that, in case anyone can use that stuff. Really good for visiting high schools or setting up a table for your school of nursing at the local college night or career night for high school seniors. ;>)


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Thanks for sharing the information! How'd you find them anyway? I did searches left and right on the internet but didn't come up with anything worthwhile.


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Share the sites all you want, I found them at different places.


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Thanks a million for all the sites. I rarely have time to site and hunt for sites and it is really nice of you to share with us all the information that you have found.

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I have most of these all ready for my own personal use. Just for browsing! LOL!

You're an angel for putting these up for the students! I used them ALL the time when I was in school!


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Just wanted to bring this thread up again, saw some questions for sites by new posters ! Thanks Student Sandra!


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Once again, thanks so much!!:kiss I think all of your sites have been very useful. I have bookmarked them and will be visiting them as I go through school.

We nursing students can always use helpful hints and tips!:rolleyes:



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