Let the countdown begin!!!


Hi Guys,

I am less than a week away from coming face to face with the nclex (Feb 27th). How scary is that? Actually, there are days when I feel ready and others when I feel not so confident. However, I am attempting to remain positive. I must say that I get really bent out of shape when I practice questions and don't seem to get some of them right... I wish to be part of the many success story that I have read regarding those of you who've passed. Please keep me and others who are planning on taking the exam in your thoughts and prayers. I any of you have tips, words of wisdom, encouragements, anything that could help, please send them my way. It would mean a lot...

God Bless


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Just took mine, I had mostly priority, 10 check all that apply, one med calculation mcg/kg/min, one click and drag and a ton of meds I had never heard of before....Now the 48 hour countdown...Tick tock....


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good luck


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Best of luck to you! Just remember to relax, take deep breaths and read each question carefully. Start to taper your studying off too - Better off clearing your head a day or two before. You'll do great!


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god bless to you rnismycalling!

6 days for you to go and mine is 7 days (i'm gonna take mine on feb. 28)...whew..scary but we don't need to be..right?

yesterday, i found out that me and my hubby will gonna have a baby boy!

oh my, it was an answered prayer! we are so extremely happy and excited.

this just only proves that prayer really works. i'm gonna include you and other nclex examinees in my prayer.


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Thanks Rizapride!

And congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy. What could be a more perfect gift than celebrating you being a new RN by next week? Let's keep the faith and God will surely take care of the rest.:nurse:


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best of luck to yah guys!

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