Less than 48hrs!!!!!


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I can now say i am completely done with what i had planned two months ago and just reviewing.:uhoh3:;i just want to get it over with.I feel like i don't know anything after all the studying.countdown has started!


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I am so scared of failing again;i really want to reschedule just because of that.Thank goodness because without this website,i wonder what i will be doing.Nobody needs about the test not even my hubby(i told him i am going for nclex review workshop for free).I will like to surprise him with i pass instead of the opposite.Oh boy,am about to have heart attacker!


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good luck tammy! may you bring good news for us after.



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agldragonRN :Thank you;i pray i come back with good news because i know alot of people are reading this and waiting to know what the outcome will be.Night future nurses and nurses to be.


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Good Luck. a few words of advice...Just breathe.


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Good luck.


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You Can Do It!


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Watching movies at the moment and reviewing;i am almost there and i can do all things through christ who is my strength.:heartbeat!


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I wish you the best of luck Tammy! Remember to get enough sleep and take your time during your test. Remember to breathe! :up:


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Am about to run crazy here because i can't find my driver's license anywhere in the house.I was like whatever?Let me go get my passport then;ohoh!!!!!my passport has my maiden name instead of married name(married name is the name on nclex registration).What to do now?Run to motor vehicle tomorrow or go with the passport and my marriage certificate?test is at 2pm tomorrow.Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!


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To God be the glory with honor and adoration;I am back and i can save it wasn't bad as the last one.I had a long day.I will be back later to give details of my ordeals but.I am not trying the trick because i am a chicken.Thats why?I prayed before the exam and i even read my bible for almost 30minutes.I got in there early as in an hour before test and they allowed me to get started.Thanks for all your prayers and thought guys.I will come back.I am hungry now.