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I just passed my PN boards 1-22-09 :D and I am considering an online RN program. (LONG STORY)....but heres the shorter version....I will be doing premed in college(bachelors in biology), but I am considering doing an RN program because the pay is higher than L.P.N's, even with a scholarhsip college is still expensive..so Im trying to look at all of options. Any suggestions will be great!

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Dont know where you are located but Rio Salado in Phoenix has an online program. But you will have to do clinicals and take tests in person.


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Thanks for the suggestions ! I will def. check it out.


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how was excelsior college? how long are the clinicals


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Excelsior College does not have clinicals per se. It is a testing based program. One takes a Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination as the culmination of the course where one goes to a testing site and does lab and patient care exams over a weekend at a hospital site with evaluators watching. Many people have trouble with their nerves when they take the CPNE but it is doable.


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How long did it take you to complete your degree at EC? I'm very interested in EC for LPN to RN. Also, was the CPNE very difficult, and how long does it take?


Depends on you state . I did mine through www.excelsior.edu. No complaints, but check with you BON.
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