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PiperLPN specializes in LTC.

Work full-time, part-time student nurse.

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  1. PiperLPN

    New Grad Job Positions Anywhere in America

    For some reason new grads have a tough time - at first. I have a friend who went from LPN to RN and it took a year to get a hospital job. She just kept doing her LTC job until it finally came through. I believe it has to do with the hospital's ability to dedicate the time to orient new nurses. They can only handle so many at a time. Be diligent and patient. Also, places with nursing shortages might be more inclined to hire a new grad. I tend to think New Orleans, NYC, etc. may have shortages. I'm in Delaware and there isn't a huge shortage here. Also, start with agency work to get the experience. Once you have that, you will be more hirable. Good luck!
  2. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    Some people just shouldn't be nurses. Thanks very much for sharing your story. FYI: The investigation on this nurse is underway.
  3. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    Thanks for your support, I feel better about it now, and you are 100% right - patients comes first.
  4. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    Yes, it's still going on, according to nurses that still work there.
  5. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    You are so wise and that summary just put the fine point and why I just reported the situation to the state. I feel a huge weight off my shoulders now. Thank you all for your support.
  6. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    Thanks, I just needed to hear that. The whistleblower always becomes the bad guy, and that's the chance I'll have to take.
  7. PiperLPN

    Unsafe Nurse - what can be done?

    I worked wiith a PRN nurse who had been fired for not giving meds to patients and throwing them away instead. I worked behind her once and found a bunch of pills in the sharps container (her MO at previous job). Also she was getting through 2 hr. med passes in about 30 minutes. When several nurses complained nothing was done about it. Now this nurse is working PRN at my current job. This is making me crazy! What can be done? I informed management about her and, again, nothing was done. What should I do? I really dread having to work with her.
  8. PiperLPN

    Does night work increase blood pressure?

    My BP is so high, 153/98. It goes down after a few nights of sleep but it has me worried. I wonder if I work 2 night shifts and the rest days, if that would help? Any thoughts anyone?
  9. I've been working the night shift for several months and I love it. I'm wondering, though, if it's causing my blood pressure to go up? Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you deal with it? Thanks!
  10. PiperLPN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi, I desperately need a LPN-RN distance program. Where is Pratt? Thanks.
  11. Thanks again. I guess I'm ready to sign up. You are a kind and generous person and probably a good nurse Your input is invaluable. Have a good weekend.
  12. Great news. I'm in! How long, all together, is it taking you to complete your BSN? And is the clinical the same as nursing school clinical, with other students with you? Do you get to pick the numbers of hours per day or does the preceptor decide? You're the first person who has been able to give me these important answers. Can't thank you enough.
  13. Thanks so much Chaxanmom. What is the incentive for a preceptor to take on a student? Do they get CEU's? I would LOVE to have a clincial at John Hopkins. I'm in southern Delaware but it would be worth the drive. How hard was it for the clinical to be set up? And was there a "waiting list" or any kind of wait? Really appreciate your help.
  14. Hi, can you please tell me how did it go for you setting up clinical sites/preceptors. That is my only roadblock right now to signing up with ISU. Thanks! Elena
  15. PiperLPN

    ISU FAQ thread

    Has anyone gone through clinicals yet? I'd like to know what it's like and how long it takes? Thanks.
  16. PiperLPN

    Passed CPNE in Utica- nice test site

    Thanks for the great info. Have a great weekend.