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if you leave the field of nursing ...


What would you do? Has the idea ever crossed your mind?

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 15 years experience.

Yes. I have entertained the idea of leaving nursing a few times. I dislike having a huge amount of accountability without any real authority. I really dislike pushy family members who attempt to tell bedside nurses how to do their jobs, yet they wouldn't ever get away with acting pushy toward the American Airlines pilot or the sole proprietor at the bakery.

However, actually leaving nursing is easier said than done. Most non-nursing employers and HR directors look at your resume with suspicion, wondering why you'd ever want to leave nursing. Starting a business where you could serve as your own boss is an option, but comes with the risks of the territory.

So for now, I will stick around and carve the very best out of a less-than-ideal situation.

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

Do YOU want to leave nursing?

Or do you want away from bedside/hospital nursing?

You have enough experience to do that.

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

Specializes in LTC, assisted living, med-surg, psych. Has 20 years experience.

I've had to leave nursing because of physical and mental health issues, and am having a hard time landing a job because nobody understands why I would leave such a well-paying occupation to work as a receptionist/community health worker/cashier/fill in the blank.