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  1. Online PMHNP programs...good idea?

    Finding preceptors on my own will be another big challenge, I'm sure!
  2. I am toying with the idea of starting a PMHNP program in another state that is online-based. Before I jump right in, I was hoping to gather a list of things that I should ask the school such as preceptorship arrangements.... This is all relatively ne...
  3. I've heard that it is pretty competitive despite the low pay. I am thinking along those lines though! Any other ideas?
  4. I would love something in the middle east or Caribbean. Not concerned too much about safety. How tough is it to get in to one of these positions? Do you know of any reputable hospitals or agencies? I only speak English, unfortunately...
  5. I guess I am thinking more in terms of product/device consulting.
  6. Well I have close to 3. But no more than 2 in any one specialty.
  7. I don't have the 3 years in any one specialty that seems to be a requirement. Sadface
  8. I like the idea of being on the move. I love flying and don't mind all the hassle of going through airport security, checking in, etc. It seems like a consultant job would fit the bill, but can you guys think of any others?
  9. No job and Nowhere to go

    Nursing home?
  10. What would you do? Has the idea ever crossed your mind?
  11. Would this be worth it? I know that's what the ports are for, but just seemslike unnecessary heparinizing and increased chance of infection over a peripheral stick?
  12. How does heparinizing ports work?

    So the 500 units would just be injected into their blood stream each time it is accessed?
  13. How does heparinizing ports work?

    So in that case when accessing you would prime the tubing with NS, but then attach an empty syringe and pull back 10ml?
  14. How does heparinizing ports work?

    So most of the 5ml of heparin sits in the tubing and is removed along w/ the needle when you de-access, but then just a little bit sits in the port?
  15. Dumb nurse working a floor and I just am not clear on how heparinizing these things works. I never use them, but want to understand them. So when you de-access the port, right before you pull the needle w/ tubing out, you push a syringe of heparin in...