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  1. I've heard that it is pretty competitive despite the low pay. I am thinking along those lines though! Any other ideas?
  2. I would love something in the middle east or Caribbean. Not concerned too much about safety. How tough is it to get in to one of these positions? Do you know of any reputable hospitals or agencies? I only speak English, unfortunately...
  3. I guess I am thinking more in terms of product/device consulting.
  4. Well I have close to 3. But no more than 2 in any one specialty.
  5. I don't have the 3 years in any one specialty that seems to be a requirement. Sadface
  6. I like the idea of being on the move. I love flying and don't mind all the hassle of going through airport security, checking in, etc. It seems like a consultant job would fit the bill, but can you guys think of any others?
  7. Ted D

    No job and Nowhere to go

    Nursing home?
  8. Or is 12 months on a unit or floor really viewed as just 9 or 10 by hiring managers?
  9. I'm a recent graduate and am thinking of applying for a job posting requiring 6 months experience. Does working 2 jobs at once count for double the experience or would an employer just view it as 3?
  10. Plan B would be saying "lol nevermind!"
  11. Yeah, it's tough! It makes it even worse since the NM doesn't have a lot of staff to fall back on to come in for me.
  12. I started working full time just 2 weeks ago at a LTC facility. Today I was called by a hospital to start orientation for PRN work next week. Ideally I would like to work at both places, but how do I go about telling the place I just started at that I need to take 3 days off next week?? It will be less than a week's notice and I haven't exactly established myself with the nurse manager yet!
  13. Ted D

    SSRI's and nursing

    There are tons of nurses are on SSRIs
  14. Ted D

    SSRI's and nursing

    As long as you have a prescription for it, why would there be an issue?
  15. Does one year of PRN work equal one year of full time for the most part? I don't seem to remember on past applications them asking whether your position was full time vs. part time or PRN.