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Last semester! - 9 weeks left!


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I'm in my last semester. I only have 9 weeks left. I'm so tired and stressed. I'm dragging my feet. I don't want to do this (school) anymore. I just want to be done. I'm having so much trouble encouraging myself to study. Sorry for complaining....no one in my life understands except those who have been to nursing school. Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be appreciated...thanks in advance!:heartbeat

dizzylizzy just keep going. Im in my first nine weeks and can only imagine how you feel. I am already tired from studying. Just look at how close you are. 9 weeks! 2 months! You can do it! Just push yourself. Its like running. When you are close to the end, you are tired but you must push yourself to cross the finishline!! Go Lizzy go!!!!! Woot woot!! :anpom:


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Thanks justbarbi. Good luck to you too. It used to annoy me when people said it would go by faster than I thought, but it's true!:redbeathe

Review all the post of those that are having difficulties getting into nursing school and then remember back to all the years that you have put in. Several right? Look at how far you have come, and how far you have to go will seem as nothing. You are almost there, don't walk.......RUN to the finish line. YOU ARE THERE....it is in your sight.....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


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Thank you. I do feel bad complaining when I know there are people who are having difficulties just getting into school. I did some studying for my cardiac test coming up. Thanks so much!!!!!!!:redpinkhe

Hey, I am also done in 9 weeks and can't wait!!! I don't know about you, but I have a serious case of senioritis, haha. I feel like the closer I get to being done the harder it is to motivate myself to study. I mean, we are almost done with school for good and will soon be real nurses!!! :) Have you begun applying to jobs yet? I just applied to 2 new grad programs this week, and that is a whole new level of stress!! It's hard to focus on finishing school when I'm desperately trying to land a job for when I get out. Are you doing a preceptorship for your last class?


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I have an interview at the local children's hospital in two weeks!!!! I am so excited!!!! I also talked to my mother/baby professor and she gave me some leads for OB jobs. I'm interested in OB or NICU and I think I will take a job in whichever I can get first. I work in LTC so I'll probably work there at least PT (or FT if I can't find a job right away :eek:). At least I'm lucky enough to have a job either way. I'm trying to use the job interview as motivation because if I don't pass I can't get a job!!!!

I finished this big Senior Project I had to do so I feel like a big weight is lifted off my shoulders. Now I mostly just have to concentrate on clinicals and passing my tests!!!

No preceptorship for me. What kind of job are you interested in when you are done, RNwannabeLA? Do you live in LA? I was hoping to move out there maybe after I get my 1 year of experience.

I am also in my last few weeks! I think I have 7 weeks left....I feel the exact same way you do. Our program decided to implement a new curriculum that started my first semester with our class. We are the guinea pigs and it sucks! This semester we have had 5 weeks of peds, 6 weeks of advanced med surg and we also have an online pharm class with a teacher that could give a crap less about actually trying to teach it to us, she goes to "the point" website and copies and pastes their resources onto Bb. Our whole class is frustrated because alot of people didn't do well on the first test (15 out of 18 to be exact.) I just keep trying to push myself through it because I know it will all be worth it. I even told my husband, I will be so different once I'm done with school and NCLEX. He kissed me on the forehead and said you can do this, i love you just the way you are and I'm behind you the whole way :redpinkhe made me melt and made my day. It's nice to have some support. I'm sure my parents and my husband are so sick of hearing me complain, thank God for other girls in my class who we all vent to each other! Without which, I may not have even made it 5 months into this marriage lol. You will do fine, just kick yourself in the butt and keep going, even if you drag yourself there, you made it!!!:yeah:


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You can do this. I know others are saying the same, and it is true! You can! Remember, you haven't taken your NCLEX yet, so it's not over yet! THEN the real learning starts!! I hear it again and again from new grads that they can't believe how much they don't know once they start their first job. You will never stop learning even if you never go back to school. There will be new techniques, new evidence based info, etc to care for your patients. Learn as much as you can now before you get on the floor at your first job.

Another thing that might help is take an afternoon or evening off and just go to a movie theater. You will forget all about nursing school for a few hours. Grab a meal and then get back to the studying! You will be refreshed and renewed.

Good luck on the last few weeks! And if it helps any, I had been out of nursing school for 12 years before going back to get my BSN ... while working full time! I will be finishing up in April '11. Woohoo! We can do it!

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You can do it! I'm a semester and a half away and I just have to remember that we're almost there and we can do this! :D

Wow! :) That's so exciting! I'm one year through.. two years to go! You guys can do it!!!! :) GO GO GO!


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I went out for martinis with my friend and feel a little more refreshed. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!!!!!

Sometimes that's all you need!! :) Is a little relaxing with great friends!! :D Good luck to you and your last 9 weeks! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: