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  1. I have asked this before and haven't gotten any replies. Someone please help! I'm freaking out! Does anyone know if you can be denied a nursing license (particularly Indiana) if you have been fired from a job for a HIPAA violation? Here are the details: Basically I read H&P's on trauma patients and accessed their charts when I wasn't allowed. In my defense, I realize now that it is wrong. At the time, I didn't realize what I was doing was wrong, because I wasn't talking about it. It was 4 years ago and I now know what I did was wrong. My licensure application had to go to the board director for review and I still haven't heard anything. I've looked at all the board meeting minutes for the last couple years and haven't seen where anyone was denied a license or where they had to appeal a denial so i'm keeping my fingers crossed! SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME INPUT!
  2. keyaira

    practice cat nclex website?

    Just wondering if anyone knew of any website or program that does a practice nclex test that is just like the CAT (computer adaptive testing)? I'd be curious to know how I did. I can take review tests all day long but unless I have a baseline to kind of give me an idea of how I might do, I'm nervous as hell! Any info would be great! I graduate Dec. 8 and am taking the Hurst review the following week. We are required by our program to wait 3 weeks to take NCLEX and so I kind of just want to get a kick start on studying for the test.
  3. keyaira

    Last semester! - 9 weeks left!

    I am also in my last few weeks! I think I have 7 weeks left....I feel the exact same way you do. Our program decided to implement a new curriculum that started my first semester with our class. We are the guinea pigs and it sucks! This semester we have had 5 weeks of peds, 6 weeks of advanced med surg and we also have an online pharm class with a teacher that could give a crap less about actually trying to teach it to us, she goes to "the point" website and copies and pastes their resources onto Bb. Our whole class is frustrated because alot of people didn't do well on the first test (15 out of 18 to be exact.) I just keep trying to push myself through it because I know it will all be worth it. I even told my husband, I will be so different once I'm done with school and NCLEX. He kissed me on the forehead and said you can do this, i love you just the way you are and I'm behind you the whole way :redpinkhe made me melt and made my day. It's nice to have some support. I'm sure my parents and my husband are so sick of hearing me complain, thank God for other girls in my class who we all vent to each other! Without which, I may not have even made it 5 months into this marriage lol. You will do fine, just kick yourself in the butt and keep going, even if you drag yourself there, you made it!!!
  4. I would like to tell one girl that always says, "well, in the book..." or "I read here...." Okay, we get it, you have no life and you abandon your child to study, what kind of person does that make you? And for the girls that say" I don't have to work while in school, my parents pay for everything" SCREW YOU! Not all of us have that luxury. But guess what, while you are doing whatever without responsibilities and barely passing the class, I am working full time, taking care of a family and making A's and B's in my nursing classes! HA! After spending the last 3 semesters with some of these girls, I'm so ready to just slap a few of them! I didn't know nursing school was a competition, I thought it was a comraderie (sp?). The competition isn't until we are trying to go for the same job (which based on my work experience and determination of working fulltime while in school will look better than you not working in the last 2 years) I have to say though to the few girls that I've become real close with....YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!
  5. Today we had to fill out our applications for the licensure exam and also the application for the Indiana BON. There were the "yes or no" questions that you had to answer and if you answered yes to any of them you had to write a sworn affidavit as to why you answered yes. I answered yes to the question about being terminated from a healthcare job. I explained that it was a hipaa violation but that it was nothing that caused harm to the patient or had any legal action. I understand what I did was wrong. But now I'm wondering if this would be grounds for not being issued a nursing license in the state of Indiana. Could someone please please answer me on this. I'm freaking out now!
  6. keyaira

    job after HIPAA violation

    Hi. I have a very important question. I'm soon to be graduating from an ADN program in December. I'm wanting to start looking for a job and get one lined up for when I graduate. However, I have a problem. About 5 years ago when I worked as a patient care tech at a hospital, I got fired for a HIPAA violation. The details about this are: I would read the H&P of trauma pts out of curiousity and people on the unit I worked looked up their lab results under my name. They told me I would be eligible for rehire after 1 year but when I tried to go back to work there the HR director said I wasn't eligible (even though the director of the dept. I worked for wanted me badly.) I applied for a Student Nurse Extern position at a different hospital and was denied. They ask if you have ever been fired and what for. I explained to them what I did and how I have taken classes in HIPAA since then and realize what a huge mistake I made and after being in nursing school, I realize the importance of HIPAA. I'm pretty sure this was why I was turned down for the position even though I have recommendations from instructors and a 3.7 GPA. Do you think it will be like this when I try to get a job in the hospital? And was the last 3 1/2 years of nursing school and stress and giving up my social life a big waste of time and money? My dream is to be a CCRN and I'm afraid that dream is shattered because of a lapse in judgement I made almost 5 years ago. Any advice on what to say or do would be extremely helpful! Thanks!